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What is MDI

Metered dose inhaler

What are two of the most common aerosol devices for delivery of drugs

Nebulizer MDI/DPI

COPD patients have poor ---------due to Narrowed airways and obstruction


A smokers lung has poor ------- due to narrowing or constriction because of no straight route for meds.


Wy does inhalation route provide a fast onset of action

It goes directly to target

Three goals of inspired nation

Humidify gas,improve mobilization and elimination of secretions,deliver meds to respiratory tract

What is a suspension of solid or liquid particles within a gas


What process of delivery is for therapeutic purposes.

Aerosol therapy

The speed of delivery for medicine is called

Inertia inpaction

What tm refers to tendency of aerosol to remain in suspension


What is the best breathing pattern for aerosol delivery

Inspiratory hold

How far into the lungs medicine travels is


What are three orientations

Person time place

Whatvare the spacers with one way valve that holds aerosol until patient inhales

Holding chambers


Small volume nebulizer


SmAll particle aerosol generator

Where should 1-5 microns be deposited


Where should 5-10 microns be deposited

Central airways

Where should greater than 10 microns be deposited


Where should greater than 15 microns be deposited


Three reasons for aerosol delivery

Humidity,remove sputum,deliver aerosolized drugs

Delivery methods


Three dry powder inhalers


What are the air sacs that are receptor sights


What is the process of particles depositing out of suspension to remain in the lung


What is goal of pharmacology respiratory care

To maintain open airways through three mechanisms of action

What are three mechanisms of action for RC Pharmacology

Relax bronchial smooth muscle,control or reduce secretions,reduce or prevent airwAy mucosal adema (swelling)

What is systemic affect

All over

What is local affect

One area

Three types of preparation for drugs

Solid liquid gas

What is desired vrate of onset

How quickly you want it to work (extended release)

Aftr PDI or MDI what must be done

Rinse mouth

Betters to use a nebulizer

Can't follow instructions,poor inspiration capacity, can't hold breath,unstable breathing pattern

DPI is better for

Poor hand breath coordination,accurate close monitoring

MDI is better

Can follow instructions,has good inspiratory capacity,can hold breath,

Nebulizer is better

Can aerosolize any drug solution, can modify dose, not necessary to hold,

What are the variables that affect aerosol deposition in the lung

Physical properties(weight),pattern of inhalation,temp in humidity,status of lung condition(past damage)

What are five components (parts) of MDI

Drug,propellant mixture, actuator,canister,metering valve


Small particle aerosol generator


Small volume nebulizer




Hand held nebulizer

What is particle size for aerosol therapeutic application

1-10 microns

Mechanics of depositing


Patterns of inhalation

Lung volumes,inspiratory time,flow rates,mouth vs nose breathing,maneuvers (inspirational hold)


Necessary to have high inspiratory rate


An example of DPI

3-4 mL

Optimal level for nebulizer


Particle falling out into lungs


Provide a adequate inspiration dose


Decreases oral phalangeal loss


Where is 10 sec inspirational old necessary

Brownian movement

Less than 1 waste

Gravitational settling

Down to 1

Inertial expansion


Elevated eosinophils elevated

Allergy asthma


Abnormal high pitched musical sound

Pleural friction rub

Sound of rubbing usually where pain is


An obstruction


Crackling sounds during inspiration


CNS disorder with periods of apnea irregular breathing


Responds when arroused


Wakes with difficulty then responds


Doesnt wake completely decreased mental and physical


What item would you use to decrease Ora phalangeal loss

Less than 1

What is waste on brownian movement

Down to 1

What is waste on gravitational


What is waste on inertia expansion


Where does the substance go in a 10 second hold


In order to get an adequate hold what would you use


Process of particle falling out into lungs

3-4 ml

Optimal level for nebulizer

Hand washing

Most important way to prevent contact transmission of microorganisms

Vehicle transmission

Transmission of microorganisms by way ofbinanimate objects

Droplet transmission

A form of contact transmission by dropletsvlargervthan 0.5 micrometers

Airborne transmission

Transmission of microorganismsbby way of air currents

Contact transmission

Direct transmission of microorganisms by physicalbcontact between one person and anoth

Spinnaker albuterol Budesonide handihaler-spiriva

Drugs for dpi

Noscomial infection

What' is a hospital acquired infections


Transmission of organisms between people and places


This is used for high inspiratory flow rates

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