Composition Vocabulary

appease (uhPEEZ)
v. to soothe or to pacify by giving into
cryptic (KRIPtik)
adj. mysterious, mystifying
equitable (EKwuhtuhbul)
adj. fair
malaise (maLAYZ)
n. a feeling of depression, weasiness or queasiness
vociferous (vohSIFurus)
adj. loud, noisy
revere (reVEER)
v. to respect highly, to honor
docile (DAHsul)
adj. easily taught; obedient; easy to handle
clique (kleek)
n. an exclusive group bound together by some shared quality or interest
apathy (APuhthee)
n. lack of interest; lack of feeling
candor (KANdur)
n. truthfulness; sincere honesty
gravity (GRAVuhtee)
n. seriousness
delude (dyeLOOD)
v. to deceive
deleterious (deluh TIReeus)
adj. harmful
perturb (purTURB)
v. to disturb greatly
morose (muhROHS)
adj. gloomy, sullen
visionary (VIHZuhneree)
n. a dreamer, someone with impractical goals or ideas about the future
indifferent (inDIFurunt)
adj. not caring one way or another
impeccable (imPEKuhbul)
adj. flawless, entirely without sin
cynic (SINik)
n. one who deeply distrusts human nature; one who believes that humans are motivated only by selfishness
coerce (kohURS)
v. to force someone to do or not to do something