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Theater 210 (QUIZ 1)

Quiz 1 theater questions
To know
Gno is used in what parts of the world?
Proto, Indo, Europe
Latin word for Narrative?
What are examples of narratives?
Movement, song, film, televevision, photography, video games, themed parks, resteraunts, movies, comic books, architechture, formal gardens
List the Genres in theater:
Drama , Comedy, Satire/Pastoral, Musical
Satire/Pastoral are usually what?
Funny, Making fun of others
Musical includes what other generes?
Comedy, Drama
Singing for the entire perfomance is a/an what?
Singing and Speaking in performance is a/an what?
No words at all in performance is a/an what?
Mime, Dance, Ballet
List the Fine Arts
Painting, Sculpture, Architechture, Music,Poetry, Dance, Drama
What does the performer do in essense in play?
Narrate, tell story
Before Common Era
CE =
Common Era
Audiences are not general they are
What are the FIVE theater types
Proscenium, Thrust, Arena, Enviromental Space, Shared interactive Media Space
Thrust =
Audience on three sides, Stage thrusts out
Sand, Round, Audience all around,Sprint center
Enviromental Space
Any performance space where audeince and perfance are together. Audience is involved.
Shared interactive Media space
5-D... live, traditonal drama and film. Tv, video gaming, interactive architechture, graphic illlistration and novels.
A traveling play is called a
What are the four elements of design in correct order?
1.Sets 2. Costumes.3.Lighting.4.Sound.
Examples of scenery
Forest, physical support to help visually support
LIghting =
purpose of illumination, time of day etc
sound design
3 keys to element design
ONE Establish form ... TWO Presence.. THREE Control and alter intamacy
When was the color theory developed?
When was the color theory published?
What was Arthur Pope's Book?
The language of drawing and painting
What are the Three tonal factors?
Hue, Value, Intensity
what does hue mean?
What are the three primary hues?
yellow, red and blue
what are the secondary hues?
orange, violet, green
A specefic color used as a due extracted from mollusks
Purple was considered what?
what is a complimentary hue?
directly across from eachother on color wheel
analogous hue
pleasant to the eye, next to eachother on color wheel
what are some WARM COLORS?
red, yellow, orange, some green
what are some COLD colors?
violet, blue,
red and blue in light =
blue and green light =
green and red in light =
Define Value Scale
a reference scale from black to white
the value scale is not referred to as the what?
Green Scale
All hues have what?
inherit value
What are the three ways to alter the value of a hue?
Tints, shades, tones
define TINT
a hue to which white has been added
define SHADE
a hue to which black has been added
define TONE
a hue to which an admixture of white and black is added