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The nurse cares for a hospitalized preschool-aged child. Which of the following is an example of providing atraumatic care?
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The MMR vaccine provides immunity against the following infectious disease. Select all that apply.Mumps Measles RubellaA mother brings her 2-month-old infant into the clinical for evaluation of vomiting that is preceded by coughing, poor feeding, irritability and cyanotic spells. Which infectious disease would the nurse suspect?PertussisWhat is the expected heart rate range for an infant?120-140 beats per minuteMatch the developmental task with the approximate age at which the task occurs. Holds head up: May take first steps: Rolls from front to back:Holds head up: 2 to 3 months May take first steps: 11 to 12 months Rolls from front to back: 4 to 5 monthsWhich characteristic best describes the fine motor skills of a 5-month old infant?Able to grasp object voluntarilyWhat characteristic best describes the gross motor skills of an 18-month old child?​​Walks and runs​The nurse educates a new mother about the psychosocial development of her newborn infant. According to Erikson, how should the nurse instruct the mother to care for her newborn?Allow the newborn to signal a needThe nurse provides education to a new parent about plagiocephaly. Which information should the nurse include?Methods for doing "tummy time"The infant of a substance-abusing mother is at risk for developing a sense of which of the following?MistrustWhich skill is the most significant achievement of the school-age period?ReadingThe nurse prepares to administer acetaminophen tablets to a 10-year old child for pain. The child's mother states that the child does not know how to swallow pills. What is the best action to take?Call the provider and request a different form of acetaminophenThe nurse cares for a 4-year old whose mother has died from cancer. Which statement would the nurse expect from the child?"My mommy will be back to tuck me in tomorrow night."The nurse prepares to do vital signs on a 3-year old child. Which of the following actions demonstrate developmentally appropriate care? Select all that apply.​​Allowing the child to touch the stethoscope​ Allowing the child to sit in his mother's lap​ Introducing yourself to his stuffed animal toy​What comment should a parent expect from a 2-1/2 year old toddler with a new infant sibling?​​"I play with you; baby take nap now."The nurse provides anticipatory guidance to the parents of a 13-year old boy. Which statement by the parents demonstrates understanding of expected behaviors?"We should talk with him about safety at gatherings with friends."A 16-year-old is admitted to the hospital for acute appendicitis and an appendectomy is performed. Which nursing intervention is the most appropriate to facilitate normal growth and development?Encourage the adolescent to interact with other adolescents.Which of the following Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are included in the ACEs screening? Select all that apply.Abuse Divorce/Parent seperation Wittnessing Domestic Violence in the household Alcohol and drug exposure in uteroA school nurse works with a 17 year old student with a history of depression. The student verbalizes intent to commit suicide. What is the best initial action of the nurse?Assist the student in calling the national suicide hotlineACES scores are used to identify increases in the risk of disease, social and emotional problems.TrueThe nurse care for an 18-month old and assesses temperature of 38.0 C, increased work of breathing, thick nasal secretions and decreased urine output. What is the best initial action of the nurse?Administer suction to clear secretionsThe nurse responds to an alarming cardio-respiratory monitor on a 6-month-old baby; the room is dark. The monitor shows a heart rate of 46 and an oxygen saturation of 78%. What are the priority actions for the nurse? Select all that apply.Turn the lights on Perform respiratory assessment Count the infant's heart rateWhich are anatomical characteristics of the pediatric respiratory tract? Select all that apply.Relatively large tongue Small nares Larynx higher in neckWhich of the following assessments indicates that a child is in mild respiratory distress?Sitting up, leaning forward with chin thrust outThe nurse provides discharge education to the parents of a 9-month-old with a new tracheotsomy. Which statement by the parents indicates the need for further teaching?"We will always carry an extra tracheostomy tube that is one size bigger in the diaper bag."Which is the most consistent and commonly used type of assessment for pain in school-age children?Self reportThe nurse cares for a 5-year old child who reports pain. The provider orders oxycodone 2.5 mg PO Q4 hours for severe pain. What assessment should the nurse perform prior to administering oxycodone as ordered?Pain level using a numeric self-report scaleWhich of the following are components of the FLACC scale:Face Legs ActivityYou are assessing a 7 year old girl who broke her leg when she fell off her bike onto some big rocks. Her respiratory rate is 32 and her HR is 102. She is careful to not let anyone touch her leg or sit on her bed. Her reported verbal pain scale (VPS) is 2. What is you next action. Choose all that apply.Complete an assessment with a non-verbal pain scale for comparison. Educate her about what the numbers mean with examples. Educate her and her parents on pain managements benefit to healing.Preemies feel less pain because of poorly developed neural pathways. For this reason, topical anesthetics are the preferred pain management for infants born before 35 weeks gestation.False