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Hustler v. Falwell
Express; Ruling for Falwell. - Falwell was awarded 150k$ for emotional distress - Hustler could publish but state not true - free press
Employment of Oregon v. Smith
Free Exercise - Religious Drugs - Peyote not Protected - Work Related Misconduct - Denied Unemployment
Gonzalez v. Centro Espirtu UVA
Free Exercise - Religious Drugs, RFRA Upheld
Van Order v. Perry
Establishment - Ten Commandments - Ruled Acceptable Display
Steinberg v. Carhart
Partial Birth Abortion Allowed - Roe Upheld
Planned Parenthood v. Casey
Due Process - Abortion - Roe Upheld
Roe v. Wade
Landmark Abortion Case - Protected Right
Lawrence v. Texas
Sodomy Laws - Protected Right - Overturns Bowers v. Hardwick
Schenk v. US
Speech - Clear and Present Danger - Ruled for US - Interferred with War Effort - Restricted Freedom of Speech - Established "Clear and Present Danger"
Ford v. Wainwright
Death Penalty for Insane - Not Allowed to Execute Criminally Insane
Gregg v. Georgia
Death Penalty - Ruled NOT Cruel and Unusual
Thompson v. Oklahoma
Death Penalty - Not Allowed to Execute Juveniles <18 as Cruel and Unusual
Escobedo v. Illinois
Everyone has a Right to an Attorney
Tinker v. Des Moines
Expression - Political Speech - Armbands Allowed to be Worn by Students
Hurley v. Irish American Gay Group
Right to Assembly - Hurley had Right to Closed Event
Texas v. Johnson
Expression - Flag Burning - Ruled for Johnson - Based on Allowed Protest in Stromberg v CA - Reagan Fought Against It
Cohen v. California
Expression - Political Speech - Jacket Not a Danger - " the Draft. Stop the War" Allowed - Not Offensive to Everyone
West Virginia BOE v. Barnett
Expression - Speech - Flag Salute - Ruled for Bennett (Religious Freedom)
Wisconsin v. Yoder
Free Exercise - Complete Education - Ruled for Amish
Church of LBA v. City of Hialeah
Free Exercise - Animal Sacrifice - OK for Food
Plyer v. Doe
Immigrant Children School - Education Funding Mandatory
New York Times v. US
Press - Prior Restraint - Ruling for NYT - Pentagon Papers - Press did not Take Sides
Barnes v. Glen Theater
Expression - Nudity Not an Expression - Ruled Against Glen Theater