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The zhou

Who used the Mandate of Heaven


Who built the Great Wall and increased trade by constructing new roads. They also produced silk


Who made silk, paper $, irrigation systems, ox-drawn plows, canals, and iron production. They also used the silk road for trade

The han

Which Chinese dynasty used a meritocracy


Which classical Indian society had the Vedic(early) and the epic(later)ge


Were the vedas use Sanskrit writing. Did the Aryans have a patriarchy.if not, why


Did the Aryans have upnishads base on a Hindu or a Buddhist belief

Chandragupta mauryan/ chandragupta gupta

Who founded the mauryan dynasty?the Gupta dynasty?


Who was Chandragupta gupta's grandson?

Cyrus the great

Who was persia' s conquered?


Did Persia have a centralized government, localized government, or both?


What religion is persia


Royal roads?


Who was another one of persia's conquerers?

The alphabet

What did the geeks adopt in 800 bc?


Did Athens develop a republic. Who developed it

Greece, persia, Egypt, Syria, India Palestine

What countries did Alexander the great conquer

The 12 tablets

What is the codification of roman laws

Innocent til proven guilty

What is the modo of the 12 tablets?

No/yes and siddhartha Gautama

Did hinduism have a founder?Buddhism?who?

Buddhism beliefs

In buddhism trade routes, monks, and nuns were helped to spread what...

East and southeast asia

What were the two major parts in the world that were popular with buddhism

Confucianism and daoism

Which two religions started during the era of warring states


Which religion is the first religion to be monotheistic


Did Judaism they to spread

Western and yes

Christianity has an influence on what culture?One of most Important heirlooms...


Did rome, the Han, or the Gupta have an eastern portion with less pressure and more economic prosperity

Gupta India invades from the central steppes


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