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Quiz on Tuesday, September 6th on Microsoft Publisher


The _____ page includes various categories of prebuilt templates.


You can change the color scheme of the template by selecting a scheme from the _____ gallery.


By default, publications are saved as a Publication file with the file extension _____.

my templates

Customized Publisher templates are saved in the _____ category.

draw text box

In Publisher 2010, you can insert a text box in your publication by using the _____ option on the Home tab in the Objects group.


If there is excess text in the current text box, a(n) _____ icon appears on the edge of the text box.


When you click the Overflow icon, the shape of the cursor changes to that of a(n) _____.

black arrow

A(n) _____ indicates that there is a link between two text boxes.

text is not lost; the entire text now appears in the remaining text box

If you link two text boxes and delete one of them, what happens to the text that was in that box?


You can resize, rotate, or align a text box by using the options available on the Drawing Tools _____ tab.


You can reposition the text box by using the Measurement option in the _____ group.

gray area

You can even drag the text box outside the printable area by moving it to the _____ around the page.


You can rotate a text box by using the Rotate option in the _____ group by selecting the required rotation.


If you want to align multiple text boxes on a page, you can use the _____ option in the Arrange group.


You can also align the text within a text body by using the options available in the _____ group on the Text Box Tools Format tab.


If you want to arrange the text in the center of the text box and at the same time spread it uniformly across the text box, you can use the _____ option in the Paragraph group.


You can insert a picture anywhere in the publication by using the _____ option in the Objects group on the Home tab.


When you insert a picture in a text box, by default, Publisher 2010 inserts the picture in the middle of the text box with the text _____ it.


You can choose to have the text flow around the outline of the picture or around the picture _____.


You can place the text on top of the picture by using the _____ option in the Arrange group.


If you have multiple pictures in your publication, you can align the pictures by using the Align option in the _____ group.

picture placeholder

If you don't have the appropriate picture to include in your presentation, what can you add to assign a space for the picture?

lock aspect ratio

To remove the dependency between the height and width, you need to clear the _____ option.


If you want to show only a portion of a picture, you can use the _____ feature to trim the edges of the picture.


Use this command to change the direction of a publication to portrait or landscape.


Use this command to select the appropriate page size for the current section from a gallery of predefined page sizes.


Use this command to define the top, bottom, left, and right margins of a publication section or the entire publication.

Ruler Guides

These are horizontal or vertical guides that you can align to any point on the ruler.

Grid Guides

Use these intersecting row and column guides to align objects.

Base-line Guides

You can use these horizontal lines to align text across multiple columns.

edit business info

The _____ command helps you create, view, and modify multiple business information sets about an individual or an organization.

design checker tool

The _____ helps you find potential problems in your publication before you print or share it.

commercial print settings

The _____ option on the Info page in the Backstage view helps you view and edit settings to prepare your publication for commercial printing.

e-mail merge

The _____ option is useful when you want to send a large number of messages that are mostly identical except for some unique information.


If you want to share you publication with a wider audience, you can create a(n) _____ version of the publication for publishing on the web.

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