Network Security Appliances and Technologies (Unit 9 Review) - [Network Security]

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What is the minimum number of load balancers needed to configure active/active load balancing?
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Which of the following is NOT a firewall rule parameter?VisibilityWhich firewall rule action implicitly denies all other traffic unless explicitly allowed?AllowLeah is researching information on firewalls. She needs a firewall that allows for more generic statements instead of creating specific rules. What type of firewall should Leah consider purchasing that supports her need?Policy-based firewallEmilie is reviewing a log file of a new firewall. She notes that the log indicates packets are being dropped for incoming packets for which the internal endpoint did not initially create the request. What kind of firewall is this?Stateful packet filteringWhat is a virtual firewall?A firewall that runs in the cloudWhich of these appliances provides the broadest protection by combining several security functions?UTMWhich of the following contains honeyfiles and fake telemetry?High-interaction honeypotMaja has been asked to investigate DDoS mitigations. Which of the following should Maja consider?DNS sinkholeWhich type of monitoring methodology looks for statistical deviations from a baseline?Anomaly monitoringWhich statement regarding a demilitarized zone (DMZ) is NOT true?It contains servers that are used only by internal network users.Which of the following functions does a network hardware security module NOT perform?Fingerprint authenticationWhich of these is NOT used in scheduling a load balancer?Data within the application message itselfIn which of the following configurations are all the load balancers always active?Active-activeWhich device intercepts internal user requests and then processes those requests on behalf of the users?Forward proxy serverSofie needs to configure the VPN to preserve bandwidth. Which configuration would she choose?Split tunnelWhich of the following is not a basic configuration management tool?MAC address schemaWhich of the following is NOT correct about L2TP?It must be used on HTML5 compliant devices.Which of the following is NOT a NAC option when it detects a vulnerable endpoint?Update Active Directory to indicate the device is vulnerable.Hanna has received a request for a data set of actual data for testing a new app that is being developed. She does not want the sensitive elements of the data to be exposed. What technology should she use?MaskingHow does BPDU guard provide protection?It detects when a BPDU is received from an endpoint.