Topic 3 The News Media and the Internet: Communicating Politics

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Which of the following functions do news media perform?
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Which of the following rules required a broadcast station to provide a "reasonable opportunity for the discussion of conflicting views of public importance"?the Fairness DoctrineWhich of the following happened when the Fairness Doctrine was eliminated in 1987?Hundreds of radio stations switched from playing music to airing partisan talk shows.Why is the news shaped by news organizations need to attract and keep viewers?Most news organizations choose coverage that will draw an audience for advertisers.American newspapers were originally ______.partisanTrue or false: All media outlets, including those on the Internet, are part of the news media.true Reason: Whether broadcast, print, cable, or on the Internet, media outlets that are in the business of creating and reporting original news stories are called the news media (press).Which of the following media channels is most preferred by Republicans because of its conservative slant?fox newsThe media's __ function serves to alert the public to important events in a timely fashion.signalingIn describing sources of news on the Web, what do analysts mean by the metaphor "the long tail"?There are a few heavily visited websites on one end and thousands of lightly visited sites on the other.The _____ is the public official who has the greatest access to the media.presidentWhich of the following media were subject to the FCC's Fairness Doctrine?broadcast television broadcast radioWhen journalists highlight certain aspects of a situation and downplay other aspects, they are engaged in ______.framingHow do media gatekeepers affect American citizens?They determine what messages we see and hear.What event marked a turning point in the American press's approach to politicians' motives and actions?the Watergate scandalWhich of the following are traditional functions of the news media (press)?signaling watchdog common-carrierThe news media's partisan function means that they ______.act as advocates for particular viewpointsWhich of the following media typically have a signaling function?television networks wire services daily newspapersThe media carry out a(n) __ __ function when they disseminate information from political leaders to the public.common-carrierWhat is fake news?entirely fictional stories that originate on the InternetWhen the journalists use framing, they are ______.presenting a selective version of realityWhich statement best describes the "softening" of American news in the 1980s and 1990s?Most news outlets incorporated celebrity gossip, sensational crimes, and human-interest stories to attract a broader audience.What is a potential problem with the media's watchdog function, according to critics?Overzealous coverage of minor scandals heightens the public's distrust of government officials.Which of the following describes a high-choice media system?one in which people have a large number of places to go for informationThe media's function of ______ setting refers to the media's ability to determine what the public thinks is important.agendaConsumption of what type of media has been found to be correlated with a relatively high level of political knowledge?newspapersRepublicans are ______ times more likely than Democrats to say that Fox is their main source of news.13The onset of ______ increased the entertainment content in traditional news outlets as audiences for those outlets began to shrink.cable TVTrue or false: CNN has continued to emphasize hard news rather than sensationalism.false Reason: CNN has featured intensive coverage of a number of sensational trials to boost ratings.True or false: Thanks to the Internet, the typical American watches more news today than in the 1970s.false Reason: Recall that the typical American today watches less news because, unlike the 1970s, it is always possible to watch programming other than the news.A few decades ago, the media system centered on broadcast news networks, but Americans now have a ______ media system, where they can pick from a wide variety of outlets.high-choiceTrue or false: The instant gratification people receive from cell phones and other message sources conditions them to seek more of messages.trueWhich of the following are reasons why the amount of traditional news the typical American watches has declined since the 1970s?Younger people stopped watching the dinner-time news. Cable television and other high-choice media became available.What best describes partisan media outlets in the era of the information commons?They were very rare.Which statement best describes the "softening" of American news in the 1980s and 1990s?Most news outlets incorporated celebrity gossip, sensational crimes, and human-interest stories to attract a broader audience.Adults under 30 years of age are ______ those over 50 to follow the news.less likely thanThe typical American is exposed to _____ of discrete messages each day.hundredsStories about celebrities, sensational crimes, and scandals in high places have been labeled ______.soft newsWhich of the following correctly describes members of the "inattentive audience"?They pay only sporadic attention to the news. They pay attention to news when a major event occurs, such as COVID-19.