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someone who is dazzlingly skilled.

John Lennon was not only an adept musician, he was a great person who believed in world peace.



I am a very stolid person, i don't cry when i watch LifeTime movies.


brief and to the point.

Timmy answered every question with one word all the time, therefore he was terse.


added to or made greater in amount or number or strength

Mary didn't want to sound dumb, so she augmented her math score when her friends asked.


acting in bad faith

I had duplicity yesterday before practice because i hadn't prepared my body for it.


casual and offhand; arrogant; N: knight

William can be a cavalier when come to basketball.


characterized by anger

Sam is known as a irascible person; he always storms off after he loses a game.


characterized by a mixture of opposite feelings or attitudes

I am ambivalent when it comes to homework; i can hate it or i can like it.


praise, glorify, or honor

A lot of little girls laud Justin Bieber because of his good looks.


the tendency to be untruthful

Laura was known for her mendacity when asked the truth.


slow to learn or understand

Samantha can be obtuse when it comes to math; she doesn't know her simple math.


of superficial relevance if any

John was known for his tangential comments during class.


produce buds, branches, or germinate

When i was asked how to germinate, i replied," i don't know".

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