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A twist drill works by

none of the above.

How is drill poress size determined

by the largest diameter circular piece that can be drilled on center.

Drills are made from

high-speed steel and carbon steel.

Drill sizes are expressed by what four series

numbers, letters, inches/fractions, and metric.

What are two techniquest used to determine a drill's size

a micrometer and a drill gage.

List two types of drill shanks

straight and tapered.

__________ shank drills are used with a chuck.


__________ shank drills fit directly into the drill press spindle


The spiral groves that run the length of the drill body are called


The spiral grooves in a drill body are used to

help form the cutting edge of the drill point; curl chips for easier removal; and, form channels through which the chips can escape from the hole.

Name the device employed to enlarage a taper shank drill so that it will fit the spindle opening.

drill sleeve.

The device used to permit a drill with a taper shank too large to fit the spindle opening is called a(n)

tapered spindle.

What is the name of the tool used to separate a taper shank drill from the above devices


Cutting compounds or fluids are used to

cool the drill; improve the finish of a drilled hole; and, aid in the removal of chips.

List the three factors that must be considered when repointing a drill

lip clearance; length and angle of the lip; and proper location of the dead center.

What occurs when the cutting lips of a drill are not sharpened to the same lengths

the hole is larger than the drill and the drill and the drill press are strained.

The __________ should be used frequently when sharpening to ensure a correctly sharpened drill

drill point gage.

The included angle of a drill point sharpness for general drilling is __________ degrees


What coolant shuld be used when drilling cast iron

dry or air jet.

Large drills require a considerable amount of power and pressure to get started. They also have a tendency to drift off center. These conditions can be minimized by first drilling a __________ hole. This hole should be as large as, or slightly larger than, the width of the __________ of the drill point

pilot and dead center.

What is a blind hole

s hole that is not drilled all the way through the work piece.

How is the depth of a drilled hole measured

using a drill press mounted with a depth stop or a depth gage.

The __________ is almost identical to the hand reamer except that the shank has been designed for machine use

Jobber's reamer.

A __________ expansion reamer provides rigidity and accuracy not possible with conventional expansion reamers.


How should a reamer be removed from a finished hole

remove the reamer from the hole before stopping the machine.

The cutting speed for a high-speed reamer is approximately __________ that for a similar - size drill


What is the name of the operation employed to cut a chamfer in a shole to receive a flat-head screw


The operation used to prepare a hole for a fillister or socket head screw is called


__________ is the operation that machines a circular spot on a rough surface for the head of a bolt or nut


Name the following parts of a drill

margin, cutting lip, chisel edge/dead center, web, tang, shank body, and flutes.

What drill press is designed to handle large and heavy work

a radial arm drill press.

What tools to employ to increase a hole to a specified diameter

a boring bar and a boring head

What is a through hole

a hole that is drilled, reamed, milled, etc., completely through the substrate.

Common operations with a drill press

counterbore, countersink, reaming, spotfacing, tapping, drilling, boring...

Why is a hole counterbored

to enlarge the drilled hole to the proper depth and machine a square shoulder on the bottom to secure maximum clampong action from the fastener.

What should be done prior to tapping, and why

chamfering. It prevents burrs from fouling the tap. The die should be 1/32nd larger than the tap.

What else should a machinist do prior to drilling

look at the drill for flaws, measure, check the shank.

Web of a drill

the pilot should be slightly larger than the web.

Carbide tap drill

used for drilling hard steel.

What do flanges do for drills

add strength.

What machines are designed to use drills

drill presses.

A metal working drill, with a reduced shank, fits what

electric and hand drills

Small holes are usually drilled by hand on what

a sensitive radial dial.

When is a drill socket used

when the spindle is too small for the drill.

When is a drill sleeve needed

when the drill is too small for the spindle.

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