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  1. euphemism
  2. pun
  3. invective
  4. wit
  5. metaphor
  1. a a direct comparison of two unlike things to suggest a similarity, often in the form "X is Y"
  2. b a play on words, suggesting different meanings of either the same word or phrase or sounds or phrases that sound alike
  3. c an abusive expression; insulting language
  4. d intellectually surprising and amusing language, usually brief and pointed
  5. e a less offensive substitution for an unpleasant word or phrase

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  1. a moral story featuring a symbolic representation of ideas through fictional characters (often animals)
  2. a story or an account of an event
  3. the use of a representative figure to suggest an idea or attribute significance to an object, event, or relationship
  4. a saying that describes a common observation or belief; a brief statement of a principle
  5. a device used to heighten dramatic intensity by contrasting a character's beliefs and actions are ironic because they result from an incomplete understanding of reality

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  1. thesisan understatement, generally used to minimize the emphasis of the claim (a form of litotes)


  2. ironylanguage, actions, or situations contrary to what is intended or expected


  3. eponymlanguage, actions, or situations contrary to what is intended or expected


  4. semanticsa linguistic study of the meaning, development, and connotations of words individually and in relation to other words; the interpretation of the meaning of words


  5. litotesan understatement expressing a thought by denying its opposite, used either to amplify or minimize the emphasis of the claim