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  1. epigraph
  2. euphemism
  3. ad hominem argument
  4. chiasmus
  5. allegory
  1. a a moral story featuring a symbolic representation of ideas through fictional characters (often animals)
  2. b an expression containing two balanced parts, the second of which reverses the elements of the first
  3. c a quotation at the beginning of a work
  4. d a logical fallacy in which an argument attacks a person instead of that person's own argument or stance
  5. e a less offensive substitution for an unpleasant word or phrase

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  1. the repetition of the same sounds at the beginning of words in a group
  2. a type of metaphor in which the part is used to represent the whole, the whole is used to represent the part, or the material of which something is made is used to represent the thing
  3. a linguistic study of the meaning, development, and connotations of words individually and in relation to other words; the interpretation of the meaning of words
  4. a logical fallacy in which an opponent's position is restated so that it is easier to attack; after the attack, the restated position is attributed to the opponent
  5. a logical fallacy in which the point being argued is assumed to be true without any logical support (Note that "to beg the question" does not mean "to raise the question"; the "question" is the issue under debate.)

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  1. verbal ironylanguage that expresses a meaning that is the opposite of the intended meaning (sarcasm is a type of verbal irony; not all verbal irony is sarcasm


  2. metaphora direct comparison of two unlike things to suggest a similarity, often in the form "X is Y"


  3. personificationthe assignment of human characteristics to inanimate objects or nature in a direct and explicit manner


  4. apostrophea form of personification featuring an address to an absent or imagined person or to a personified abstract idea


  5. consonancethe repetition of similar consonant sounds in a group of words


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