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  1. prose
  2. pun
  3. conceit
  4. euphemism
  5. aphorism
  1. a fiction and nonfiction written in ordinary language (as opposed to poetry)
  2. b a less offensive substitution for an unpleasant word or phrase
  3. c an elaborate, clever metaphor; a passage or poem containing an elaborate, clever metaphor
  4. d a play on words, suggesting different meanings of either the same word or phrase or sounds or phrases that sound alike
  5. e a saying that describes a common observation or belief; a brief statement of a principle

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  1. an extravagant exaggeration
  2. situational irony that is interpreted to be a result of the intervention of a greater external force, such as fate of a deity
  3. a direct comparison of two unlike things to suggest a similarity, often in the form "X is Y"
  4. a short account of an interesting event (often biographical)
  5. a statement that seems to be contradictory or unbelievable but may actually be true

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  1. begging the questiona question posed without the expectation of an answer and used to emphasize an idea or encourage reflection


  2. apostrophea form of personification featuring an address to an absent or imagined person or to a personified abstract idea


  3. invectivean abusive expression; insulting language


  4. allusiona direct or an indirect reference (to an event, work of writing or art, myth); a casual mention


  5. ironylanguage, actions, or situations contrary to what is intended or expected


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