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Exam 2 - Linux

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Which of the following directories MUST be part of the partition that holds the root (/) directory? (Select THREE).
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If not cleared out, log files can eventually consume a large amount of data, sometimes filling a drive to its capacity. If the log files are on the same partition as the operating system, this could potentially bring down a Linux computer.
Which of the following directories (or mount points) SHOULD be configured on its own partition to prevent this from happening?
Your Linux system was installed for you while you were living in the United States of America. You have since been transferred to a satellite office located in Wood Walton, England, and have taken your computer with you.
Since England uses the larger A4 paper size, you would like to change the LC_PAPER locale environment variable.
Which of the following is the BEST shell command to use for this purpose?
Match the locale environmental variable name on the left with the description on the right.
1. Specifies personal name format.
2. Specifically used an override for LC_MESSAGES.
3. A special variable for overriding every other evironment setting. It sets all locales to the same setting.
4. Defines every locale setting at once while allowing further individual customization via the LC_* settings.
You are trying to pipe data from the cat command to another program, but the data output does not make sense. You believe that the system's locale is corrupting the output. To test your hypothesis, you decide to change a locale environment variable.
Which of the following changed variable would MOST likely produce correct data?