Português para Principiantes Lesson 1 Professions and Nationalities

40 terms by volcanoman

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Lesson 1 professions, nationalities, countries

a Alemanha

Germany (remember article)

o Brasil

Brazil (remember article)

o Canadá

Canada (remember article)

a Espanha

Spain (remember article)

os Estados Unidos

United States

a França

France (remember article)

a Inglaterra

England (remember article)

o México

Mexico (remember article)

a Rússia

Russia (remember article)

o/a americano/a

American (United States citizen) (male/ female article and ending)

o/a brasileiro/a

Brazilian (male/ female article and ending)

o/a mexicano/a

Mexican (male/ female article and ending)

o francês

a French (male)

o francesa

a French (female)

o inglês

an English (male)

a inglesa

an English (female)

o português

a Portuguese (male)

o portuguesa

a Portuguese (female)

o/a espanhol/a

a Spanish (male/ female article and ending)

o/a canadense

a Canadian (male/ female article)

o alemão

a German (male)

a alemã

a German (female)

o/a advogado/a

lawyer (male/ female article and ending)

o/a aluno/a

student (male/ female article and ending) (starts with an "a")

o/a arquiteto/a

architect (male/ female article and ending)

o/a atleta

athlete (male/ female article)

o/a cantor/a

singer (male/ female article and ending)

o/a comerciante

businessperson (male/ female article)

o/a dentista

dentist (male/female article)

o/a engenheiro/a

engineer (male/ female article and ending)

o/a escritor/a

writer (male/ female article and ending)

o/a estudante

student (male/ female article) (begins with an "e")

o/a funcionário/a

employee/ civil servant (male/ female article and ending)

o garçom

waitperson (male)

a garçonete

waitperson (female)

o/a gerente

manager (male/female article)

o/a jornalista

journalist (male/female article)

o/a médico/a

doctor (male/ female article and ending)

o/a professor/a

teacher (male/ female article and ending)

o/a psicólogo/a

psychologist (male/ female article and ending)

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