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growing greed that poisoned politics
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yes, fully supports himdoes pompey support caesar?yes, because he was fighting the german tribal leader and liberating gaul for rome and his own gain. (galic people didn't want roman liberation or influence)was caesar a "liberator" of gaul? why or why not?by sending back dispatches detailing the bravery of his soldiers, their victories, and battles.how does caesar win the people of rome?as an ambitious and greedy threat to the security of their positions as senatorshow do the rome elite (brutus and others) view caesar?dies in an ambush in the east while invading parthiawhat happens to caesar's protector (crassus) in rome?pompey's wife dies in childbirth severing the connection between caesar and pompey.what happens to caesar's protector (pompey) in rome?the leader of the gaulswho was vercengetorix?burned all the supplies, homes, and fields. then stayed down in the hill forts and waited for romans to starve and retreat.what was the leader of gaul's plan to destroy the roman army?he agrees to marry another senator's daughter, rejecting an offer by caesar to marry another one of his daughters. then gets his new father in law voted to a position as co consul.what final act does pompey take to separate himself from caesar?to keep the alesians trapped inside and the reinforcements outsidewhat was the purpose of caesars double encirclement of alesia?it shifted the focus of the roman republic away from the mediterranean area and into the northwest of its growing empire.what was the result of caesar's victory at alesia?caesar will be killed by his rival senators once he returns to romeif caesar disbands his army what will occur?civil warwhat event will occur if caesar crossed the rubicon with his army?caesar is treated like a god by the citizens of rome, but senators flee with pompey to greecewhat type of reception did caesar receive by the general population in italy? how do pompey and the senate respond?caesar utterly destroys pompey's army, pompey is forced to flee to egypt where he is murdered by egyptian pirateswhat was the final outcome of the battle between caesar and pompey's forces? pompeys fate?dictator for lifewhat office does caesar proclaim he has for life?that he is defending roman values and the idea of roman libertyhow does brutus perceive his role in the conspiracy?anarchy & violence (hails the beginning of the roman empire)what does the death of caesar do for rome long term?sullawhich roman general marches into the senate?catowho is the speaker in the senate?marched into rome, took position of dictator, used power to reform the roman constitution.how does the roman general change the law of rome?marcus tullius ciserowho brings forth the motion for caesar to become imperator?brutuswho supports caesar?one was taken away showing rome needed only one leader from now onwhat happened to the two chairs?caesarwho will not forgive a second time?caesar augustuswho was the first roman emperor?spreading the idea of roman civilization to people that did not have itwhat was the higher mission of rome?wanted roman help against their fellow barbarian enemies. They craved roman products for the prestige and status that they provided.alliances were viewed differently by the germans. what did each get from the alliance?to expand the empire and continue spreading civilization to those people that did not have it?alliances were viewed differently by the romans. what did each get from the alliance?developed a life based on trade and commerce rather than subsistence living. Enabled the establishment of the large peaceful communities.what benefits do arminius and his people obtain from the romans?as outsiders that were trying to force them to adhere to ideals that they did not believe inhow did the romans under varus view the german population?as barbarians and a subject nationhow did the romans under varus view the roman population?an army of power but not stealthhow did arminius (leader of gaul) view the roman army?the densely packed trees, marshy forest floor, narrow road that made it impossible for the romans to form an attackwhy did the germans select the teutoborg forest?because of their pride and varus's belief that he could tell who his friends and enemies were.why did the romans ignore warnings?women and children following the army, terrain and narrow road, supply train with all their weapons and provisions.what hindered the roman movement?extremely violent and one sided (romans couldnt defend themselves and died like animals)describe the fighting that takes place (rome)a standard of excellence that brought disgrace to the vanquished and the republichow was the "eagle" of the legions described?committed ritual suicide by disembowelmentwhat did varus do when he loses?hung them from the trees, put out their eyes, cut off their hands, sewed the mouth of a lawyer after cutting out his tonguehow did the germans deal with romans after the battle?expelled them from the city because they couldnt be trustedwhat did augustus do to germans in rome?strong and independent (fought in battle)how were german women described?treated it like a temple (left everything untouched)how did the germans treat the battlefield where they defeated the romans?to pacify the german people and regain control of the land they lost. (regain honor and posterity and self-esteem of the empire)what was the roman motivation for going back to germania?tiberiuswho was the successor to augustus?fearwhat is the prinicpal weapon of the barbarians?asian steppeswhere do scholars think the huns originiate?from horseback with a bow and rapid response timedescribe how the huns fight?they left no written recordswhy will be never know where they huns really come from?diplomatic representatives that were customarily offered to people as a gesture of good.what are "hostages" in the ancient world?warfarewhat talent do huns possess?life and deathhow important are horses for the huns?son of a roman generalwho is aetius?simple, ferocious warrior, ruthless leader, born to steer worlddescribe attillaa new long lasting political system that will grant his people power and wealth and to be considered equal to rome and be counted as a legitimate powerwhat does atilla want for the huns?they become more sedentary and all but abandon their horsemanshiphow does the lifestyle of the huns change after rome gives them land?think that they are unsophisticated savages dressed in animal skinswhat is the biggest mistake people make about barbarians?fivehow many times does a muslim prey?faithwhat was islam founded upon?numbers, medical practices, calendarwhat are some aspects that islam contributes to world history?born in 570 AD in a town on the arabian peninsula, shortly after birth his parents sent him to live with the bedouindescribes mohammad's early lifebecause being orphaned in a tribal society meant you lost your connection to the tribe, effectively an outcast with no ties to the community, therefore no futurewhy was being an orphan influential on him?it was an oral record of the tribes history passed down from generation to generation. (bound the tribe together)why was oral culture so important to the bedouins?lived in a desert so water was scarce and a precious resourcewhy was water so important?each clan has its own personal gods and totemshow are the clans different from one another?it was a wood and cloth cube in mecca, Abraham built it (used to store each clans personal idols and totems)what was the kaaba and who built it?it's the remains of the meteoritewhat is the significance of the black stone?vibrant center of trade for many bedouin clans, full of foreign goods like incense, egyptian linen, chinese silk, spices from india, perfumes.describe meccait provided an opportunity for arabs to gather together peacefully, setting aside their conflicts and weaponswhy is trade important for the bedouin people?he is noticed by a wealthy merchant widow and accepts her marriage proposalhow does mohammad get married?the visions he had in a cave above mecca where an angel appeared to himwhat was the defining moment in mohammad's life?those who surrender to godwhat does muslim mean?a revelation of spiritual teaching, both ethical and social guidancewhat is the qurom?pictures reify or anthropomorphize godwhy are pictures not favored in the quron?as a historical figure, blue background with a white cloud nearby, sometimes face is covered by a white clothhow is mohammad portrayed in drawings?his message threatened to unravel the social order and traditions of the arabic societywhy is mohammad a threat to some?its the year hidra and the beginning of the islamic calendarwhy is the year 622 significant to the muslims?Jews and Christianswho are people of the book?to face towards mecca when prayingwhat revelation does mohammad receive in medina?they fought with every confidence that god's will was guiding them.how did mohammad's troops overcome such long odds to win?kill the men, sell the women and children into slaverywhen mohammad returns to mecca, what do the people expect him to do to them?the idols and totems in the kaabawhat does mohammad destroy in mecca?the act of iconoclasm was seen as an act of prophetic violence. Similar to moses destroying the 10 commandments or jesus casting out the money leaders in the temple.how could mohammad's action at the kaaba be compared to events in christianity?within 50 years people whose father had herded camels were now governing one of the largest empires in world historyexplain how large an area islam covers in a short period of timepeople were fed up with former empires and regimeswhy was islam so successful in spreading?Beasts unleashed on an unsuspecting world.How are the Vikings described?ScandinaviaWhere do the Vikings originate?The family FarmWhat is the basic economic unit of the Vikings?developed fast, extremely adaptable, very stableDescribe the development of the Viking boatsEach village acts independently; the members of the community elect a king or chieftain, and conduct communal meetings called Althing.What type of government do the Vikings have?Like being attacked by the devils from hell. The Vikings took everything of value and burned the rest.Describe the attack on Lindsfarne?Each warrior is equipped with armor made from leather, a sword, knife and battle axeHow is the Viking warrior equipped?Begun in the late 800 CE, it is the primary source of English history from the 5th to the 11th centuries.What is the Anglo Saxon Chronicle?Because Europe is crisscrossed with navigable waterwaysWhy is Europe an easy target for the Vikings?Swift and violent. The Vikings decimate the French advance force, capturing and hanging 111 men, then march on Paris.Describe the Viking attack along the Seine River regionBy trying to pay off Ragnar's Vikings with nearly 6 tons of silver. The Vikings realize how much wealth is to be had and intensify their raids.How does the French King, Charles the Bald, try to appease the Vikings? Does this work?enriched itIf the Vikings did not destroy Western Civilization what did they do for it?Harold is killed with an arrow through the throatWhat happened at Stamford Bridge?englandWhat was Harald's bigger target?A trade port like Kiev or ConstantinopleWhat was the purpose of creating Oslo?Payment for service or as a reward for acts of bravery or loyalty.How did the Vikings use gold for their armies?Harold establishes an agreement with his nephew, who is now king of Norway, that they can co-rule. His nephew dies within a year.Explain how Harold becomes King of Norway.His legendary resourcefulness and cunningHarold wins battles because of what attributet's a major trading center that links the far east and the Vikings providing many exotic eastern goods.Why is Kiev so important?The half brother of Olaf, King of Norway. The heir apparent to the Norwegian throne. He flees to Sweden and then Kiev.Who was Harold Hardrada? Where does he go after he loses in a civil war?A representative of pagan Viking gods, a little bit nuts is a kind way to describe his mental faculties.Define a Berserker.Because it unifies them and provides a way to wield more control over the individual clans and villages.Why do the Vikings accept Christianity?NewfoundlandWhat does Leif Erickson discover?A public assembly where free men had the right to speak in their defense or on issues of community concern.What is an Althing?Unforgiving land covered in ice and snow, small amount of coastline was habitable, no easily tilled farmland, good fishing and hunting.Describe Greenland.Every major river and water route into the heart of Europe, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, and beyond.How far do the Vikings expand in their goal for treasures?