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  1. indicator species
  2. The rarer the species
  3. ecoregions
  4. globalization
  5. Ecotourism
  1. a using land being destroyed for a tourist attraction (nature sanctuary) can save the land and animals plus bring in profits (Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve)
  2. b has a huge impact on the environment (mostly negatively)
  3. c a species that makes scientists recognize habitat degradation and loss of diversity when its population declines
  4. d land or aquatic regions characterized by climate, geography, and the species
  5. e the higher the price on the black market

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  1. allows winds to erode the soil
  2. can also harm animals
  3. The National Institute of Biodiversity of Costa Rica ises samples for medicine and shares the findings
  4. strip logging (cycles of logging) to prevent erosion - good for local logging
  5. gene transfers may boost the production of corn for people in Mexico

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  1. adaptive radiationcurrently in mass extinction die to humans


  2. three levels of biodiversitygenetic, species, and ecosystem


  3. what is "green energy"?can also harm animals


  4. endemic speciesa species that has population levels so low it faces extinction


  5. less transpirationa conversion of grassland or woodland to desert