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  1. hot spots
  2. what is "green energy"?
  3. adaptive radiation
  4. endemic species
  5. three forms of wealth
  1. a commercially produced energy has negative impacts on the environment
  2. b currently in mass extinction die to humans
  3. c habitats that contain many endemic species
  4. d material, cultural, and biological
  5. e one that is confined to the limited area where it evolved (more likely to go extinct than those with more widespread distribution) - ex: giant pandas

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  1. allows winds to erode the soil
  2. The National Institute of Biodiversity of Costa Rica ises samples for medicine and shares the findings
  3. gene transfers may boost the production of corn for people in Mexico
  4. less rainfall
  5. many kinds of organisms in different habitats all become extinct in a short period of time

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  1. The rarer the speciesone that is likely to become endangered in the near future


  2. Responsible Ranchingstrip logging (cycles of logging) to prevent erosion - good for local logging


  3. desertificationa conversion of grassland or woodland to desert


  4. ecoregionsland or aquatic regions characterized by climate, geography, and the species


  5. The World Conservation Unionhas documented 800 extinctions since 1500