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  1. Factors to determine eligibility for a particular program (CF #1)
  2. Screening Process
  3. Definition of Orientation (Core Function #3)
  4. Universiality
  5. Groups with diverse ethnic and cultural memberships
  1. a The process during which the general nature, rules, and regulations of the program are described to the client. In a nonresidential setting, information should alsobe provided on the hours during which services are available.
  2. b Intake is an extension of the __________
  3. c A possible substance abuse or dependence problem, physical condition is appropriate to the level of care provided in the program, mental or medical illness is either ruled out or can be appropriately treated concurrent to substance abuse treatment.
  4. d Applies to all
  5. e The counselor must guard against the anger, frustration, or isolation that minorities may feel in group.

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  1. The administrative and initial procedures for admission to a program.
  2. Look toward the future
  3. Pluralistic orientation, cultural knowledge, consciousness-raising, and experiential training
  4. The counselor's first step when a client discloses suicidal thoughts.
  5. The identification ofthe client's needs that cannot be met by the counselor or angency and assisting the client to use the support systems and community resources available.

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  1. Substance abuse or dependence (CF #1)The counselor's first step when a client discloses suicidal thoughts.


  2. Family history of substance abuse0.5: Early Intervention
    I: Outpatient Services
    II: Intensive Outpatient Services/Partial Hospitalizaiton
    III: Residential/Inpatient Services
    IV: Medically Managed Intensive Inpatient Services


  3. Corrective recapitulation of familyShould be clarified early in the process in order to prevent frustration, which leads to dropping out or disruptive behavior.


  4. FeedbackNecessary quality in a crisis counselor


  5. Definition of Assessment (Core Function #4)The activities that bring services, agencies, resources, or people together within a plannedframework of action toward the achievement of established goals.