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  1. A Treatment Plan must describe
  2. Minority group members
  3. Definition of Crisis Intervention (Core Function #8)
  4. Definition of Assessment (Core Function #4)
  5. Questions asked during an oral drug/alcohol history
  1. a Services to be offered, who will provide the services, where they will take place, and how often they are to occur
  2. b The procedure by which the counselor/program identifies and evaluates an individual's strengths, weaknesses, problems, and needs for the development of the treatment plan.
  3. c Those services which respond to an alcohol and/or other drug abuser's needs during acute emotional and/or physical distress.
  4. d Age of first use
    Heaviest times of use
    Frequency and route of use
    Recent pattern of use
    Whether tolerance or dependence has developed
    History of convulsions or hallucinations
    Why the client is seeking help now
  5. e If they don't feel safe in groups, their ability to progress through the necessary stages of group development can be inhibited.

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  1. The process by which the counsleor and the client identify and rank problems needing resolution, extablish agreed-upon immediate and long-term goals, and decide on treatment mehtods and resources to be used.
  2. men, alcoholics, person who has lost someone, someone who takes drugs, person recently diagnosed with HIV infection, lesbian and gay youth
  3. The provision of information to individuals and groups concerning alcohol and other drug abuse and the available services and resources.
  4. The initial stage of crisis intervention
  5. The process during which the general nature, rules, and regulations of the program are described to the client. In a nonresidential setting, information should alsobe provided on the hours during which services are available.

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  1. Assess degree of risk (CF #8)The counselor's first step when a client discloses suicidal thoughts.


  2. Interdisciplinary TeamApplies to all


  3. Information gathered during intakeWill be used to begin a treatment plan.


  4. The 6 tasks of the counselor during the screening process (CF #1)Assemble forms, collect and analyze information from referral source, interview the client, analyze information to determine if the client is appropriate for the program, and make arrangements for referral


  5. Level of careThe counselor should seek the least restrictive level of intervention/care first.