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  1. The 6 tasks of the counselor during the screening process (CF #1)
  2. Reasons to explain rational of case management to client
  3. Information about consultations, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and progress (CF #11)
  4. Substance abuse or dependence (CF #1)
  5. Competence in referral
  1. a During the screening process the counselor must decide whether or not the client has a problem with ______
  2. b The ability of the counselor to recognize personal limits and/or the limits of the program in meeting the needs of the client.
  3. c Promotes ownership of treatment, instills motiviation, elicits input and concerns, and provides clarity to the client
  4. d Type of information which should be kept in a client's record.
  5. e Assemble forms, collect and analyze information from referral source, interview the client, analyze information to determine if the client is appropriate for the program, and make arrangements for referral

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  1. The process by which a client is determined appropriate and eligible for admission to a particular program.
  2. Corrects behavior patterns
  3. May take place before, during, or after screening and intake. It must take place before treatment begins.
  4. Shock, anxiety, intellectualization
  5. Name of client; name of agency releasing the information; name of agency receiving the information; nature of the information being released; purpose for the release of information; specific date, event, or condition terminating consent

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  1. Major areas addressed in case managementHealth problems, psychological testing, family therapy, continuing education, special therapy groups, and legal issues


  2. Definition of Counseling (Core Function #6)The utilizaiton of special skills to assist individuals, families, or groups in achieving objectives through exploration of a problem and its ramifications; examination of attitudes and feelings; consideration of alternative solutions; and decision making.


  3. Activities during the intake process (CF #2)The counselor's first step when a client discloses suicidal thoughts.


  4. UnbundlingTo provide all the needed services to meet the client's unique needs regardless of what agency provides the care.


  5. Interdisciplinary TeamCan include a physician, psychiatrist, registered nurse, program manager, program director, clinical supervisor, mental health professionals such as a psychologist, social worker, substance abuse counselor, and family therapist


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