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  1. Designing an educational program
  2. A Treatment Plan must describe
  3. Competence in referral
  4. Treatment Planning (Core Function #5)
  5. Factors to determine eligibility for a particular program (CF #1)
  1. a A possible substance abuse or dependence problem, physical condition is appropriate to the level of care provided in the program, mental or medical illness is either ruled out or can be appropriately treated concurrent to substance abuse treatment.
  2. b One should consider the range of problems in the population and the differences in learning abilities.
  3. c Should be individualized and based on the client's particular problems and needs.
  4. d Services to be offered, who will provide the services, where they will take place, and how often they are to occur
  5. e The ability of the counselor to recognize personal limits and/or the limits of the program in meeting the needs of the client.

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  1. Effective case management for person in need of multiple services requires _______
  2. Screening, intake, assessment, treatment planning
  3. Auditory, visual, kinesthetic
  4. _______ into the treatment plan is essential for its success.
  5. Any significant event during the treatment process that threatens to jeopardize or destroy the treatment effort. Crises have many causes and may or may not be related to alcohol or other drug use.

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  1. EmpathyApplies to all


  2. Group CohesivenessThe counselor should seek the least restrictive level of intervention/care first.


  3. Interdisciplinary TeamCan include a physician, psychiatrist, registered nurse, program manager, program director, clinical supervisor, mental health professionals such as a psychologist, social worker, substance abuse counselor, and family therapist


  4. Client Expectations in groupShould be clarified early in the process in order to prevent frustration, which leads to dropping out or disruptive behavior.


  5. Definition of Treatment Planning (Core Function #5)The process by which the counsleor and the client identify and rank problems needing resolution, extablish agreed-upon immediate and long-term goals, and decide on treatment mehtods and resources to be used.