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NUR 101 (UNIT 1) CH 3 Health and Illness

NUR 101 Fundamentals CCTC Fall 2011
Acute illness
rapidly occurring illness that runs its course, allowing the person to return to his or her previous level of functioning
Chronic illness
irreversible illness that causes permanent physical impairment and requires long-term healthcare
pathologic change in the structure or function of the body or mind
period in chronic illness when the symptoms of the disease reappear
state of optimal functioning or well-being
Health promotion
behavior of an individual motivated by a personal desire to increase well-being and health potential
Holistic healthcare
healthcare that takes into account the whole person interacting in the environment
abnormal process in which any aspect of the person's functioning is altered
frequency that a disease occurs
number of deaths
period in a chronic illness when the disease is present, but the person does not experience symptoms of the disease
Risk factor
something that increases a person's chance for illness or injury
an active process in which an individual progresses toward the maximum possible potential, regardless of his or her current state of health
Physical Dimension
Human dimension including genetic inheritance, age, developmental level, race, and gender
Emotional Dimension
Human dimension affected by stress, anxiety, relaxation, etc.
Intellectual Dimension
Human dimension including cognitive abilities, educational background, past experiences
Environmental Dimension
Human dimension influenced by housing, sanitation, climate, pollution of air, food and water
Sociocultural Dimension
Human dimension influenced by a person's economic level, lifestyle, family, and culture
Spiritual Dimension
Human dimension - understanding and respect for spiritual beliefs
Human Needs
Includes Physiological, safety & security, love & belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization
Primary health promotion
Directed toward promoting health and preventing the development of disease processes or injury
Secondary health promotion
Focus on Screening for early detection of disease with prompt diagnosis and treatment
Tertiary health promotion
begins after the illness is diagnosed and treated to reduce disability and to help rehabilitate patients to maximum level of functioning.