Medical Terminology Comprehensive Exam

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StomatitisInflammation of the oral mucosaSinusitisInflammation and swelling of turbinates and mucosaRhinitisInflammation of the nasal mucosaCandidiasisWhite patches on oral mucosa secondary to fungusLeukoplakiaThickened, white, leathery-looking spots on the inside of the mouth that can develop into oral cancerArterial DiseaseCauses symptoms and signs of oxygen deficit.Venous diseaseCauses symptoms and signs of metabolic waste buildupThrillPalpable vibration on the chest wall with severe heart murmurBase of the heartLocated at 3rd right and left intercostal spaceApex of the heartLocated at 5th intercostal spaceAtherosclerosisPlaques of fatty deposits formed in the inner layer (intima) of the arteriesArteriosclerosisThickening and loss of elasticity of the arteriole wallsRaynaud'sEpisodes of tricolor changes of fingers due to cold, vibration, or stressClaudicationLeg pain and cramps aggravated by walkingDependent ruborDeep bluish red color due to arterial deficiencyCracklesRales, heard on inspirationRhonchiLow pitched, musical lung sound caused by obstructionFremitusPalpable vibration from the spoken voice felt over the chest wallAdventitiousAccidentalHyperresonanceLow pitched sound when too much air is present in the airwaysCircumductionMoving the arm in a circle around the shoulderEversionMoving the sole of the foot outward at the anklePronationTurning the forearm so that the palm is downSupinationTurning the forearm so that the palm is upCrepitationAudible and papable crunching of joint region upon movementAtaxiaInability to perform coordination movementsDysarthriaImperfect articulation of speechAphasiaLoss of power of expression by speechParesthesiaAbnormal sensation such as burning or numbnessBroca'sSpeech area in frontal lobe of cerebrumEpigastrumThe abdominal area directly below the sternumMelenaBlack, tarry stoolHematuriaBlood in the urineEmesisThe act of vomitingMyalgiaCramping or aching in musclesDislocationDisplacement of a bone from its jointSubluxationMisalignment of two bonesRetractionInward movement of sternum/intercostals due to increased respiratory effortCystitisInflammation of the bladderMenorrhagiaExcessively heavy mensural flow