TXRH BOH Safe Food Test

What color is the soap bucket?
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T/F: it is okay to mix chemicals.FalseWhere is the SDS book located?In the dish areaT/F: you must wear a hat when working in the kitchen.TrueWhy do we use different things when handling pork, chicken, and beef?To prevent cross contaminationT/F: You should take off your apron before using the restroom.TrueHow often should you change your gloves?Whenever changing tasks or they become soiledT/F: During a shift, you can eat on the kitchen line.FalseWhat can hand sinks be used for?Washing handsHow often should you change your soap and sanitizer buckets?Every two hours or sooner if soiledT/F: Labels should be removed from containers before running them through dish.TrueWhat is a three compartment sink used for?To wash pots, pans, utensils, and equipmentT/F: Gloves eliminate the need for washing hands.FalseWhich is more dangerous: a sharp knife of a dull knife?Full knife