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What three factors affect bread?
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How can I accomplish 100% yield?Stick closely to the standard: 2" x 2" x 1" and don't waste dough by cutting off an extra 1/4" pieceHow long do yeast, sugar, and water sit before adding bread mix? Why?It sits 5 minutes to let yeast activateThe shelf life of baked bread is?5 minutesHow many pieces of unbaked bread are placed on each tray?16What is the temperature of the bake oven for bread?350FThe bread used for croutons is _____ day-old stale bread.PullmanThe size of a crouton is?1" x 1" x 1/2" cubesWhat amount of crouton butter is needed for one tray of croutons?9-10 ozHow much margarine is used in a 1X of crouton butter?6 poundsWhy must cut croutons sit out overnight?To become staleWhat are the quality identifiers for croutons?Dry in the center with a hint of gold around the edgesWhat is the shelf life of croutons?2 daysWhen making croutons, how many slices of bread are cut for one tray?15At what temperature is the oven set for brownies?350FWhat is the total bake time for brownies?20 minutesWhy is it important to combine dry brownie mix and chocolate chips before adding water?It keeps the chocolate chips from sinking to the bottom of the browniesYou should always use fresh-squeezed lemon juice to make lemon pepper butter. True or False?TrueHow much butter blend is needed for a 1X of whipped butter?10 poundsWhat is the minimum time a butter block must soften before whipping?1 hourWhat are the ingredients in honey cinnamon butter?Honey, butter blend, ground cinnamonHow often should you change your soap and sanitizer buckets?When test strip indicates need or water is dirtyWhat is the temperature setting for the proofer?90-100FWhat are the requirements for proper hand washing?Use hot water, wash for at least 20 seconds, use soapWhat's the self life of hamburger buns?3 daysWhat is the approximate size of a baked hamburger bun?4 1⁄4" diameter and 1 3⁄4"- 2" heightHow are hamburger buns stored?Held at room temp in a tightly sealed bag