TXRH Salad Test

How many Caesar salads can be made at one time in the mixing bowl?
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How many servings are in an apple pie?5How much strawberry topping goes on the cheesecake?2 ozHow much chocolate sauce tops the chocolate brownie?1.5 ozHow much ice cream tops the chocolate brownie and the apple pie?1 #10 scoopWhich salad greens are included on the steakhouse fillet salad?Salad greensWhat is the presentation of a filet on the steakhouse filet salad?Sliced medallions from 12:00-6:00Which two dressings are ingredients in the steakhouse filet salad?Bleu Cheese/ItalianHow many Caesar salads can be premade at once?None, the dressing will make the salad wilted and heavyHow many croutons are placed on a chicken critter salad?NoneHow much Caesar dressing is tossed with greens for a Caesar side salad?2 ozThe Italian dressing for the steakhouse filet salad is _____ over the greensDrizzledHow often should you change your soap and sanitizer buckets?Every two hours or sooner if soiledWhat temperature should reheated apple pie achieve before being sold?150FWhat amount of bleu cheese crumbles should go on a steakhouse filet salad?1 ozWhat amount of bacon bits should go on a steakhouse filet salad?1 ozWhat amount of bacon bits should go on a chicken critter salad?.5 ozWhat are the requirements for proper hand washing?Use hot water, wash for at least 20 seconds, use soapWhat type of cheese should go on the salmon and shrimp dinner salads?Jack