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who was Christopher Columbus?

1942 sailed ocean
born in Italy in 1451
father merchant and mother a wool weaver

what did Christopher discover?

Caribbean islands

how did Christopher have the means to explore?

Buddy buddy with queen Elisabella and king Ferdinand

what was the Colombian exchange?

Transatlantic trade of crops, technology, and culture between america and europe, africa, and asisa when colombus saiked to americas

describe the treaty or totesilles

Portugal and spain devided the non christian world

whats a cash crop?

A crop grown for sale

what was the verginia company?

A joint stock company who had permition from the king james town

group of native americans did colinist meet when arrived at new world


why did v colony nearly fail

not adapted to the harsh cold. depended on English supply ships to supply them. The natives did not help, and it wasn't until the supply ships came at the end of winter did they thrive again. Diseases.

what saved colony?


indentured servant

person who agreed to work for about 7 years in return for food, houseing, clothes, and transportation

did the NA accept the VA colonist?


bacons rebellion

Verginia colonist revolted against the royal governor

what was the driving factorbehind the settlement of massachusits colony?

religious tolerance

Salem tirals

20 men and women hung for witchcraft

king phillips war

the most devastating war between the colonists and the Native Americans in New England.

pequot war

War between English settlers and Pequot indians

New Amsterdam

dutch trading station

middle passage

Passage for African americans

transantlantic trade system

Was a slave trade


Theory that a country should aquire as much bullion, gold or silver, as possible by exporting more than imports

navigation act

limit colonial trade to the British only

great awakening

Religious rivals in the American colonies

who was benjiman franklin

was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States

what steps did the Virginia colony take in order to build a colony in the new world

charter from king

after kinf james took away the charter, verginia turned into a royal colony but formed an legislative body (this was called)

house of burgesses

how did this new "trading post" end up under the control of the british

king charles 2nd owned the land and gave it to his brother duke of york; new york

what what was the reasoning for the introduction of people from Africa to the colonies

help with crops

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