Digital Design 2/3 Fall Semester Exam Review


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Vector graphics
_____________ are composed of mathematical descriptions of a series of lines and points; they are resolution independent, can be freely scaled, and are automatically output at the resolution of the output device.
Raster images or Bitmap images
_____________ are pixel based, made up of a grid of individual pixels (rasters or bits) in rows and columns.
bounding box
The _____________ is a rectangle that marks the outermost edges of an object, regardless of the actual object shape.
Stacking order
_____________ is the relative top-to-bottom order of objects on the Artboard, or of layers in the Layer panel.
Selection tool
The _____________ is used to select entire objects or groups.
Direct Selection tool
The _____________ is used to select individual paths and points of a shape, or to select component pieces within a group.
Pencil tool
The _____________ is used to draw freeform paths defined by dragging the mouse cursor.
Press _____________ to temporarily access the Selection tool; releasing the modifier key restores the previously selected tool.
Pathfinder panel
The _____________ is used to create complex shapes by combining multiple selected objects.
compound shape
A(n) _____________ is a single object that is made up of more than one shape.
The _____________tool is used to place anchor points that are connected by line segments.
Convert Anchor Point
The _____________ tool is used to change a smooth anchor point to a corner anchor point (and vice versa).
Direct Selection
The _____________ tool is used to edit individual anchor points (and their related handles) on a vector path.
_____________is the range of possible colors within a specific color model.
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black
_____________ are the four component colors in process-color output.
The _____________ panel includes value sliders for each component in the defined color model.
Blob Brush tool
The _____________ is used to paint shapes of solid color based on the defined brush size and the area you drag with a single mouse click.
Gradient Annotator
The _____________ appears over a gradient-filled object when selected with the Gradient tool; you can use it to control the position and direction of color in the gradient filled object.
Changes made to a _____________color swatch are reflected in all elements where that color is applied.
Recolor Artwork
The _____________ dialog box can be used to change individual colors in an entire file, or make global changes to all colors in the file.
Artboard tool
The _____________ can be used to access handles that you can use to manually resize the artboard in the workspace.
Press _____________ and click the Eye icon on a specific layer to switch only that layer between Preview and Outline mode.
Smart Guides
When _____________ are active, moving your cursor over an unselected object reveals the paths that make up that object.
The _____________tool is used to sample colors from an object already placed in the file.
Appearance panel
The _____________ is used to monitor and change the individual attributes (fill, stroke, etc.) of the selected object.
The _____________ is the imaginary line on which the bottoms of letters rest.
_____________ is the spacing between specific pairs of letters (where the insertion point is placed).
Type>Create Outlines
The _____________ command makes the vector shapes of letters accessible to the Direct Selection tool.
spot color/ink
A _____________ is a special ink used to reproduce a specific color, typically used for one- or two-color jobs.
target icon
Click the _____________ in the Layers panel to select a specific sublayer.