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Joseph Conrad
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Did not learn to speak or read English til 21
Wrote about the sea
Interested in how man's life can be wrecked or sustained by his dreams
Interested in psychological makeup of man
Man's dream of himself either joins him to his fellowman or cuts him off from man
Heart of darkness/secret sharer
Lord Jim
Il Conde
The Lagoon
Forced British poetry to deal with the moral problems of the 20th century
Irishman; influenced by Irish myths of folktales
Mystical in his writing
Major 20th century poet
When You Are Old
The Wild Swans at Coole
An Irish Airman Foresees His Death
Sailing to Byzantium
The Second Coming
Leda and the Swan
Irish; always wrote of Dublin
Innovative; stream of consciousness; constructed new language (in a sense)
Uses many allusions in longer works
"Araby" from book of short stories, DUBLINERS
One of the most difficult 20th Century writers
Finnegans Wake
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Frank O' ConnorIrish Known for short stories Many autobiographical The Wild Bird's Nest Bones of ContentionSean O' FaolainIrish Like O'Connor, craftsmen of short story Short story collections Midsummer Night Madness A Purse of CoppersDylan ThomasWelsh poet Famous for resonant reading of his poems Difficult imagery 18 Poems (an actual work) Collected LettersEvelyn WaughBritish satirist Catholic convert Brideshead Revisited The Loved One (duh)Graham GreeneCatholic convert Psychological novelist The Power and the Glory The Heart of the Matter20th Centuryread pgs 657-65 sorry i do not have a good summary for itOld English465-1066 Beowulf- anon No unified gov many invasions of England no common languageMiddle English1066-1515 Canterbury Tales- Chaucer First Universities feudal system church more important than state magna carta printing press crusadesRenaissance1515-1660 Merchant of Venice- Shakespeare "rebirth" of learning age of exploration Church of England more centered around man than GodThe Enlightenment1660-1899 Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen satire popular first newspapers and magazines development of the novelThe Romantic Age1800-1832 Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte favored the long ago and far away exotic locations the Gothic novelVictorian Age1832-1900 David Copperfield- Charles Dickens industrial age British Commonwealth at its height drastic social divisionsModern Age1900-present Lord of the Rings- Tolkien; The Loved One- Waugh; 1984- Orwell; Lord of the Flies- Golding Age of anxiety two world wars atomic weapons social upheaval