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Packet & Circuit Switching


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A small collection of data that has been packaged for transmission across the Internet. A packet has a header that indicates the source and destination addresses for the packet as well as the reassembly order and protocol for reconstruction. This is then followed by the data, and then a tailer to indicate that the packet is ending and also to contain error correction.
Circuit Switching
Packets all follow one dedicated route across a network to their target destination, and are recieved in order. Due to the route being dedicated, it is easier to intercept.
Packet Switching
Packets follow the paths along the network that are seeing the least use, i.e. the path of least resistance. They are not recieved in any particular order. Due to the routes being scattered, they are difficult to intercept.
OCR F451 3.1.5 i.
Describe the need for communication between devices and between computers, and explain the need for protocols to establish communication links.