friedrich hayek

friedrich hayek
"there are no solutions, only trade-offs" best person to follow up fascism and totalitarian systems since he lived under them as they first developed and wrote directly counter them, he saw their beginnings where others did not
the road to serdom
written during ww2, a struggle against fascism, however he believed that the British were socialists advocating the same policies he saw nazi use in germany, all for planning for good purposes, started to look like our totalitarian enemies
the abandoned road
present conflict equals struggle of ideas within western civilization rejecting idea of individual liberty which were once common to all for planning, the modern trend is to reject western civilization; totalitarian horror is future
western civlization is based on
economic freedom which is the basis of all personal and political freedoms, individualism is its core
both marx and hayek
thought capitalism would bring great advances but said only a few would benefit while hayek believe that benefits would be broadly spread
the great utopia
socialists originally rejected freedom and favored authorization rule; freedom of though was regarded the root of evil of 19th century society. socialist had to work with democrats and gain support
socialist redefined
what we are free from
locke and mille for most thinkers freedom meant...
that the individual was free from coercion, arbitrary power, slavery
the new concept of freedom
economic freedom, freedom from the despotism of physical want, freedom from being forced to work to support yourself
true freedom
to have ability to choose activites without worry about money, the need to earn a living
what is a false promise of solution
there is an answer to our problems without unbearable costs, clean air, clean water
what is worth pursing at any cost?
safety, energy independence, housing
two key concepts of why free societies function effectively and why planned or centrally controlled societies cannot work
1. spontaneous order: emergence of social order from the individual actions of self interested individuals who are not intentionally trying to create order
2. knowledge problem: without prices we cannot know enough to both produce and distribute good rationally
why is socialism a threat to freedom
socialism equals slavery, central planning equals increased government control, government control of economy equals entire control of life
man's fatal conceit
that he can design social order as good as or better than the systems and social order which develped over time, and showed their values.
first responsbiltity of government
safety and order, without no good life was possible