Most common choice of financing real property?
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What is a mortgage?A pledge if real property as a security for a promissory noteMortgagor:borrows the moneyMortgagee:lends money to the borrower (mortgagor)A mortgage is classified as a:lienVendor:sellerVendee:buyerWho does Contract for Deed benefit?The sellerIn a _____ _____ _____, when a mortgage loan is used for the purchase of real property, at closing the buyer receives the title, and the lender has a lien.lien theory stateIn a _____ ______ _____, at closing, the lender receives the title and will hold it until the lien is satisfied or paid off.title theory stateThis type of Deed contains "power of sale" that allows for non-judicial foreclosure.Deed of TrustWhat does the power of sale do?Quick foreclosureThe deed of trust involves three parties:the borrower or trustor, the lender or beneficiary and the trustee.The trustee in a Deed of Trust acts as in a:Fiduciary relationship with the beneficiaryWhat are the Trustee's 2 duties in accordance with the Deed of Trust?1. release the lien when the note is paid 2. foreclose in the event of a defaultWhere consumers go to borrow money - includes mortgage banks, banks, credit union, mortgage brokers:Primary MarketWhere lenders and investor go for money:Secondary MarketLoans qualified to be purchased in the secondary market:Conforming loansA conforming loan meets the:purchase requirements of Fannie Mae and Freddie MacSecondary market warehousing agencies are:Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie MaeNon-government loans is a:Conventional loanEqual, regular payments of principal and interest until the loan is repaid. Interest is paid in arrears - at the end of each payment periodFixed-rate amortized loaninterest only until the end of the term, when the entire principal is repaid. This is a zero-amortization loan. This is also called a ________________Term loanThe secondary market is designed to...Provide greater liquidity to the residential real estate market by providing a supply of funds from investors.Another name for Contract of Deed?Installment Contract or Land Contract or Real Estate ContractMortgage is a:Pledge