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  1. reverberate
  2. expiate
  3. inadvertent
  4. acculturation
  5. infer
  1. a to re-echo, resound; to reflect or be reflected repeatedly
  2. b to make amends, make up for; to avert
  3. c resulting from or marked by a lack of attention; unintentional, accidental
  4. d the modification of the social patterns, traits, or structures of one group or society by contact with those of another; the resultant blend
  5. e to find out by reasoning; to arrive at a conclusion on the basis of thought; to hint, suggest, imply

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  1. to disown, reject, or deny the validity of
  2. thin, light, delicate, insubstantial; a very thin, light cloth
  3. to argue or plead with someone against something, protest against, object to
  4. to have an intense dislike or hatred for
  5. composure or coolness, especially in trying circumstances

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  1. noncommittalnot decisive or definite; unwilling to take a clear position or to say yes or no


  2. eruditescholarly, learned, bookish, pedantic


  3. peculateto steal something that has been given into one's trust; to take improperly for one's own use


  4. seditiouspersistent, showing industry and determination


  5. affablecourteous and pleasant, sociable, easy to speak to