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  1. ascribe
  2. gossamer
  3. sleazy
  4. abominate
  5. noncommittal
  1. a to have an intense dislike or hatred for
  2. b to assign or refer to (as a cause or source), attribute
  3. c not decisive or definite; unwilling to take a clear position or to say yes or no
  4. d thin or flimsy in texture; cheap; shoddy or inferior in quality or character; ethically low, mean or disreputable
  5. e thin, light, delicate, insubstantial; a very thin, light cloth

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  1. that which surrounds (as an atmosphere); a distinctive air or personal quality
  2. persistent, showing industry and determination
  3. to make amends, make up for; to avert
  4. able to return to an original shape or form; able to recover quickly
  5. existing in name only, not real; too small to be considered or taken seriously

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  1. affableto assign or refer to (as a cause or source), attribute


  2. repudiateto disown, reject, or deny the validity of


  3. sangfroidcomposure or coolness, especially in trying circumstances


  4. vitriolicbitter, sarcastic; highly caustic or biting (like a strong acid)


  5. inadvertentresulting from or marked by a lack of attention; unintentional, accidental