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To the LighthouseIn this novel by Woolf, Mr. Ramsay takes his children to the title structure in the Isle of SkyeERThis organelle sends protein to the Golgi apparatus; its rough variant synthesizes protein while its smooth version synthesizes lipidsRastafarianismA religious movement popularized in Jamaica where followers wear hats in dreadlocks to honor the Lion of Judah and smoke marijuana in circles to promote personal healing and wellnessSedlec OssuaryA chapel in Czechia where tens of thousands of bones are used decorativelyO'KeefeAn American artist who is best known for her colorful Southwestern landscapes featuring skulls and plants, many featuring enlarged flowersQueen Elizabeth IIName this British monarch who surpassed Victoria as the lognest-reigning monarch and enjoyed her Diamond jubilee in 2012SalingerName this American author who wrote The Catcher in the Rye where Phoebe and Holden from the Caulfield family appears hereAristophanesName this Greek playwright whose books follow the pattern "The ___", one of his works depicted Dionysus bringing back Euripedes from the underworld disguising as Hercules by wearing lion-skinIdeal gas lawName this equation which states PV=nRTAvogadro's numberThe name of the number 6.022x10^23, representing the number of atoms in a moleMughalName this empire which was founded by Babur and strengthened by Akbar the Great in the 16th century, located in modern day India, home of the Taj MahalZeusName this Greek god who defeated the titans after Crobus ate all of his children, chained Prometheus to a mountain for giving mortals fire, and had an affair with Io1992Name the year which the election where Bush lost to Clinton took place, who later signed NAFTA and survived an impeachment trial related to an affair with a White House internHurstonName the author who wrote Their Eyes Were Watching God, where Nanny was shocked to find her granddaughter Janie kissing Johnny Taylor and later arranges Janie to marry Logan KillicksHaleName this American spy who legendarily said "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." He was discovered with papers detailing British troop positions in 1776 and was hanged the day after.SnowdenThis whistleblower released NSA documents that supported the idea that the government is spying and collecting intelligence from American citizens in 2013, who later fled to Russia and was granted asylum.KeplerName this telescope whose primary mission was to study and find exoplanets by their atmospheresExoplanetsName this type of celestial body that orbit stars found outside of our solar system, which was more interesting if they were within the habitable zone, also known as the Goldilocks zoneBoulangerName this musical teacher that had students Aaron Copland, who composed Fanfare of the Common Man, and Astor Piazzolla, who wrote music to accompany the dance Tango