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Questions on the french culture. How they say hello and what is the polite way to do things.
Shake hands
Do boys kiss on the cheek or shake hands when greeting?
Kiss on the cheek
Do girls kiss on the cheek or shake hands when greeting?
When you are addressing an older person what is th epolite way to say hello?
Are gestures used often in french speaking countries?
Le college
What is the french word for junior high?
Le lycee
What is the word for high school?
Seconde, premiere, and terminale
Put the high school grades in order from least to greatest.
Le Bac
What test do you have to pass to get to college?
24-hour system
What time system do they use in french speaking countries?
When do they usually have the afternoon off?
Window shop
Is it more common to see people browsing inside stores or window shopping?
Une librairie-papeterie
What is the name for a store that specializes in school supplies?
Buy them
Does the school give them there textbooks or do they have to buy them?
What type of money is used in most of Western Europe?
Instead of a decimal point in the price what do they use?
Metric system
What measuring system does French speaking countries use?
Whats a place that sponsors all kinds of social, cultural, and educational activities for young people?