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intelligence quotient (IQ)
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While trying to resolve a work problem, Montazar could not find a solution, so he put it aside for a while. The next morning, while driving to work, Montazar experienced an "ah-ha" moment where the solution suddenly occurred to him. Which school of thought describes Montazar's cognitive process that lead to his "ah-ha" moment?
choice overloadYui went to the mall to find a birthday gift for her friend. She had nothing in particular in mind, and was soon overwhelmed by the number of choices she had. She decided to leave and continue her shopping another day. What did Yui experience that shaped her decision not to buy a gift while at the mall?bounded rationalityWhich of the following is based on the idea that people will use simple strategies when making decisions, and focus on only a few options, even though it might lead to a decision that is less than optimal?conjunction fallacyHow do theorist describe the error people make when estimating the odds of two uncertain events happening together, being higher than the odds of either event?ProcessesIn terms of decision making, what does cognitive research focus on?8According to the Binet-Simon scale, what is the mental age of a 6-year-old child who performed at a level of an 8-year-old child on the same test?normal distributionWhat is represented by a symmetrical, bell-shaped curve that shows how a specific characteristic is dispersed in a population?ValidityHow can we determine that a test measures what it was designed to measure?Each additional year of schooling can increase IQ scores by one to five pointsWhat have researcher found to be the correlation between education and scores on IQ tests?heritability ratioWhat is used to measure the proportion of trait variability in a population determined by variations in genetic inheritance?adoption studiesNour wanted to conduct research on the environmental influences on intelligence. What might she use to conduct such studies?Increased education and challenging curriculumsWhile there are a variety of potential explanations for the Flynn effect that are not mutually exclusive, what might be a reason for the increase in IQ scores over several decades?He should score at the high end of his potential IQ rangeJulius's parents value education and provided Julius with a healthy, nurturing environment while growing up. According to the reaction range model, how should this affect Julius's IQ score?There is about a 15-point deficit in average IQ scoreHow is the measure of IQ likely to change when a child comes from a low socioeconomic status?Those with higher IQ scores tend to live longerWhat have researchers found when examining the influence of heredity on intelligence?analyticalDajhia does well on exams, especially those that focus on abstract reasoning and evaluation. What type of intelligence is Dajhia strong in?spatialAccording to Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, what type of intelligence would an architect, artist or engineer be especially strong in?All three facets can help improve predication of intelligent behaviorWhat did Sternberg suggest about intelligence in his triarchic theory of successful intelligence?InterpersonalNila is very good at working with others, and has a high degree of empathy and understanding. Which of Gardner's human intelligence is Nila strong in?incentive theoryOliver has had his power cut off due to non-payment. One of his friends offers him work cleaning out his gutters, so he can earn the money for power to be restored. Oliver is terrified of heights but he accepts the work. The theory of motivation that best explains Oliver's willingness to do something he fears isdrive theoryLydia was driving 800 miles (1,287.48 kilometers) to go home for the holidays. By the end of the day she was exhausted and did not want to drive anymore. She just wanted to sleep. Although she wants to get home, she decided to get a hotel room for the night and begin again the next morning. The theory of motivation that best describes why Lydia stopped for the night isbecome a great hunterIn the 1840s, the action that a man would be more motivated to do to gain a wife and family would have beenEvolutionary TheoryWhen men fill out a profile on a dating site, and they list their fitness and their great job, their actions fall under the motivational theory ofaffiliationWhen someone has the need to belong, they have the motive ofmotives are as unique as those experiencing them.Even though theorists feel differently about what motivates people, most agree thata person's body temperature.The best example of something homeostasis iswhen they are not hungryThe drive motivation of eating has a flaw in the theory because sometimes a person eatsincentive theoryThe theory that is said to have external stimuli isDrive and Incentive TheoryWhen discussing push vs. pull, the two motivations discussed arethe brain, digestive system, and hormones.The theories that best describe hunger areHypothalamusThe part of the brain that controls hunger is theLeptinThe hormone that regulates hunger on a long-term basis isare social and environmentalHunger is considered biological but biology is not the only factor involved, the other(s)good tasting foods, lots of food with a large variety from which to choose.Commercials about food can cause someone to eat. Others being around, such as a party setting, can also make someone eat more than normal. The other environmental variables arechildren will learn to hate the specific food and never eat it againWhether a person's cuisine is maggots (arctic Eskimos), calves brains (Morocco), or pizza, parents experience the same thing when trying to feed their children. They have to force their children to eat. The negative effects of this is thatAlzheimer's diseaseObesity causes many health issues from joint pain to cancer. Obesity effects the brain because of its contribution toPleatuWhen physical arousal begins during sex, this part of the sexual cycle is calledmen have orgasms on a more consistent basis while women are more likely to have multiple orgasms.When analyzing the differences in men and women when in the orgasm cycle of sex it is found thatbeauty and youthWomen seeking a male partner look for financial stability, strength, and intelligence while men look forthe time, energy, survival risk, and opportunities to produce and raise children.The definition of parental investment iswomen are more conservative when looking for a mating partner.Predictions from the Parental Investment theory state thatsexually nonconforming as childrenStudies were done on children who were both heterosexual and homosexual. The studies showed that homosexual adults wereare aroused by pictures of men and women.Studies of arousal in heterosexual women showed that theyachievementThe need to dominate in different areas of life, to always be the winner, or to reach the highest peak at work is the motive ofmotivation to achieve created a world of self-indulgent people that will soon wreck the economy.The pioneer of the research on achievement motivation, David McClelland, believedthe test takers are subjected to ambiguous stimuli to bring out subconscious behaviors.The Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), the test used to test someone's achievement motivation is considered a projective test becauseto select intermediate tasks.Probability of success and incentive value are joint influencers that can make high achieverscognitive, physiological, behavioralEmotion involves three components which areself-reportWhen psychologists study emotion, the instrument used iswinning the lotteryAn example of a mixed emotion event would beeffective forecastingThe ability to predict future emotions is calledfacial expressionsThe behavioral emotion component consists offacial muscles send messages to the brain and helps the brain recognize emotion.The facial feedback hypothesis states thatJames-Lange TheoryThe theory that believes the body's reaction is first and then the emotion isJames-Lange TheoryIf a person sees a bear and gets scared, their heart rate increases, and they begin to sweat. This action would follow the theory byCannon-Bard TheoryThe theory states that emotions arise which causes the physiological changes ishave no effect on the inference of emotion.Cannon-Bard believed that physiological reactionsSchachter's Two-Factor.The theory that states that both autonomic arousal and emotional interpretation work together isbegins to look for environmental changes that's causing the reaction.Schachter's Two-Factory theory states that when physiological arousal is experienced, the personEvolutionarythe theory that states emotions are adaptive depending on the world around the person isanimals are not complex thinkers, but they know what their emotion is.An example of evolutionary theories that proves, to some extent, that