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  1. scant
  2. compact
  3. incalculable
  4. indisputable
  5. earmark
  1. a (v.) to set aside for a special purpose; to mark an animals ear
  2. b (n.) an agreement between parties; a small case containing a mirror and face powder; a small car
  3. c (adj.) too great to be counted; unpredictable, uncertain
  4. d (adj.) beyond question or argument, definitely true
  5. e not enough' barely enough

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  1. harsh, shrill; unpleasant sounding
  2. (adj.) through, deep; showing great effort; concentrated
  3. (n.) a planned movement; a skillful plan; a scheme
  4. (adj.) extremely cold; lacking in warmth or feeling
  5. (n.) an action taken to destroy something or to prevent it from working properly

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  1. strappingtall, strong, and healthy


  2. ambiguous(adj.) not clear; having two or more possible meanings


  3. implementharsh, shrill; unpleasant sounding


  4. stealthynot enough' barely enough


  5. compact(adj.) closely and firmly packed together; small