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Endospore stain

differential stain which stains endospore or spore bacteria(Clostridium and Bacillis)


refers to a structure that exits free of the mother cell. Highly resistant to hostile chemical and physical conditions. Tough outer covering composed primarily of Keratin. Can go into suspended animation.


refers to a a spore structure contained within mother cell. My be located in the middle of the cell (central0, the end (terminal), or between the end and the middle (subterminal)may be round or oval

primary stain

malachite green, stains both vegetative cells and endospores. Heat is required to penetrate endospores


water. Selective loosens malachite green from the vegetative cells but not endospores

counter stain

safranin. Stains the decolorized vegetative cells pink. Resulting in vegetative pink cells and endospore cells green or clear.


1) air dry-heat fix 2) steam -5 mins.3)paper towel 4) malachite green - 2 min. - rinse 5) safranin- 30 sec. rinse

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