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Functions of central incisors (3)

mastication( incision), phonetics (th,f, v sounds), and esthetics (support profile of lips and face in addition to they size, shape, color and alignment)

Arch traits of maxillary central incisor (2)

1. widest of the incisor class- viewed labially or lingually
2. maxillary central in larger than lateral

Maxillary central incisor: Developmental data:
1. initiation of calcification
2. completion of enamel
4. completion of root

1. initiation of calcification 3-4 months
2. completion of enamel 4-5 years
3.eruption 7-8 years
4. completion of root 10 yrs.

Characteristics of maxillary central incisor- roots, lobes, pulp horns, cusps

1 root, 4 lobes, 3 pulp horns, 0 cusps

Maxillary central incisor: Orientation in arch:
Faciolingual angulation
Mesiodistal angulation

faciolingual angulation 28 degrees
mesiodistal angulation 2 degrees

General outline/ shape from
1. proximal view
2. facial/lingual view
3. incisal view

1. wedge
3. triangular

cr top dimensions


root top dimension


M-D dimension top


m-d dimension top


L-L dimension top


l-l dimension top


m dimension top


d dimension top


cr dimension bottom


root dimension bottom


M-D dimension bottom


m-d dimension bottom


L-L dimension bottom


l-l dimension bottom


m dimension bottom


d dimension bottom


Maxillary incisor arch traits
labial surface

fossa deeper
crown wider
labial surface more convex

what is the functional form of the maxillary central incisor

wedge shape

how many mamelons are on the maxillary central incisor


how many lobes are on the maxillary central incisor


Hutchinson's Incisors

screwdriver shaped

labial profile curvature

hawk bill

when do the maxillary lateral incisors initiate calcification

1 year

when do the lateral maxillary incisors complete enamel development

4-5 years

when do lateral maxillary incisors erupt

8-9 years

when is root development complete for maxillary lateral incisors

11 years

maxillary lateral incisor characteristics
number of roots
number of lobes
pulp horns
number of cusps

1 root
4 lobes
3 pulp horns
0 cusps

what tooth is most often missing congenitally

maxillary lateral incisor

variation rank for maxillary lateral incisor

2nd.... behind 3rd molar

what is unique about the maxillary lateral incisor crown dimension

smallest of any maxillary tooth

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