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If ___ are available, they will assume responsibility for the deceased's property, regardless of value, and none will be seized unless such property may be physical evidence.
will, cash, or valuable jewelry
In a residence owned or rented by the deceased, no property will be seized except when the investigating officer observes a ___ which is in plain view, and is easily accessible to theft.
plain view
A list of valuables seized will be left in ___ at the residence.
outdoor storage
Police Impound Lot: The storing of large amounts of flammables, chemicals or other objects that require ___ are discouraged; rather, it is recommended that samples of this type of evidence be obtained rather than the entire amount.
No property will be accepted without a TPD report number, which is also used as the ___ number.
District Shift Commander
When property is entered at the District Office, the original property form will be attached to the Confiscated Property Entry/Transfer Log (TPD
1020). The courier will review the forms, packages, and labeling prior to transporting property to the Evidence Control Section. Any discrepancies
will be brought to the attention of the ___.
Shift Commander
All narcotics, cash, and valuable jewelry entered at the District Offices will be placed in a securedrop box by the entering officer. Cash will be counted and the amount verified in the presence of the ___.
entering employee
If the quantity of a narcotics seizure is too large for the drop box, the ___ will remain with the narcotics until the evidence control supervisor or the assistant evidence control supervisor responds to
take custody of the narcotics.
will not
Officers coming into contact with weapons with which
they are not familiar ___ attempt to unload the weapons but will contact the range master or his designee to make the weapon safe.
Separate ammunition that did not originate from within the weapon will be packaged in a ___ package.
Long firearms, such as rifles and shotguns, will also be placed in ___.
right or left end
Handguns will be unloaded and a bright colored sticker will be placed on the outside of the firearm box, either on the ___. The officer will initial the sticker indicating that the firearm is unloaded and made safe.
locked security; Range Master
When defective weapons cannot be unloaded, the evidence technician will escort the officer to a location designated for locked security of the weapon. The officer will lock the weapon and a copy of the property form in the security area. They will then contact the ___ or his designee to make the weapon safe as soon as possible.
oil or other lubricating fluid
Firearms recovered from salt/brackish water should immediately be placed in ____ to prevent rusting. This will also be accomplished by the Dive Team or Forensic Investigation Unit.
Firearms Investigation Unit
The ___ will take all the information on the entered firearm and complete an ETSS trace data entry form and complete the trace request through the Department of Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms National Tracing Center.
Criminal Intelligence Bureau
Pull a Criminal History - The Communications Bureau will forward all information to the ___ and the Firearms Investigation Unit.
Upon entering the firearm, the detective will place and
secure a plastic tie through the ___ to prevent the slide, bolt or cylinder from fully closing.
court order; search warrant; sixty (60); 365
A ___ is required prior to the release of any firearm under the following circumstances:
a. The firearm was originally seized during execution of a search warrant or as a result of a breach of the peace
b. The firearm was originally seized as evidence and the owner has failed to request the return of the firearm within __ days of the conclusion of the criminal case
c. The firearm owner has been committed for mental evaluation, under the Baker Act (F.S. Chapter 394) or otherwise, within the proceeding ___ days unless the owner presents a current letter from a licensed physician or psychologist to the effect that the owner is not considered to be a danger to himself or others.
Personnel Unit
It shall be the responsibility of the __ to notify the evidence control supervisor of terminations of police officers, community service officers, or investigative aides due to retirement, resignation, or any other reason.
division commander
The ___ will cause the terminating employee to review and dispose of the property on the list prior to the termination date.
State Attorney's Office
Disposition of evidence associated with arrests requires prior approval from the ___.
capital or life
No evidence seized in a ___ felony offense, whether solved or unsolved, will be authorized for disposal unless reviewed and approved by a supervisor from the appropriate latent bureau or division.
90 days
Title to unclaimed lost personal property which is found on public property is vested in the finder ___ from the date delivered to the department.
If the owner or claimant fails to retrieve the found property within 90 days, the evidence control supervisor will notify him by certified mail. If the property is left an additional ___ days, it will be disposed of as provided by law.
assigned investigator
A data entry record of a lost firearm entered into the Evidence Control Section is made into FCIC. On the date the ___ authorizes disposition of the firearm, he shall cancel the F.C.I.C. entry with the pick-up desk.
Criminal Investigations Division
The authorization for release of deceased property is the responsibility of the ___. The releasing authority will coordinate with the police legal advisor if the legality of the release is
Personal Property: If the owner fails to retrieve his/her property within ___ days from the date of the notice, in accordance with Florida State Statutes, department can...
evidence control supervisor
If disposition of property is not made to a person, the ___ will have final authority for determining the method of disposal based upon department policy and Florida State Statute.
six months
Final disposition of found, recovered, or evidentiary property is accomplished as soon as practical but in no case shall disposition be delayed in excess of ___ after legal requirements have been met.