U.S. Gov. Primaries

When a candidate wins an election but does not get more than 50% of the votes.
Open Primaries
An election to decide party nominees where voters can decide which party to vote in election day.
Partisan Election
An election where the name and party affiliation of a candidate is addressed to the voter on the ballot.
Primary Election
An election where nominees are chosen to run in the general election.
Single-Member Districts
An electoral district in which voters choose one representative or official.
Super Tuesday
A Tuesday of the year in which many primaries are held.
Two Party System
A political system with two major parties
Blanket Primaries
An election to select party nominees in which voters are presented with a list of candidates from all the parties on the ballot.
Informal meetings where candidates are decided to be voted for.
Closed Primaries
An elections to select a party nominee in which only people who have registered in advance with the party can vote for that party's candidates.
Someone who is appointed to represent a group of people.
Non-Partisan Election
An election without political parties.
Off-year Election
Elections that are on odd years.