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  1. *obtaining blood to transfuse*
  2. ______ does not need to be cross matched prior to a transfusion
  3. Allergic rxn
  4. Albumin
  5. *administering blood*
  1. a Plasma
  2. b 1. Notify blood bank
    2. 2 nurses check name, dob, unit, med record #
    3. Admin within 30 mins
  3. c -1% of rxns
    -caused by foreign protein sensitivity
    -s&s: urticaria, flushing
    -tx: epinepherine, solumedrol, benadryl
  4. d 1. Obtain order
    2. Explain procedure
    3. Verify consent w/ another RN
    4. IV should be 18-20 gauge
    5. Use correct blood tubing
    6. Transfuse w/ normal saline
  5. e Normal blood protein
    -used for volume expander
    -5% concentration most commonly used

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  1. -volume overload
    -impaired cardiac fxn
    -s&s: VS changes, high BP, HR, RR. Cugh, gallop, nevk vein distention
  2. Packed red blood cells (most commonly used)
    - 80% of plasma removed
    -30 days half life
    -given if low h/h
  3. -ABO incompatibility
    -life threatening
    -antibodies react with donor erythrocytes
    -s&s: low BP, high HR, back pain, hemouria
  4. RBC, WBC, platelets, plasma
  5. Patient is RH negative (can only recieve negative blood)

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  1. Universal donerType O


  2. *transfusion rxn procedure*1. Obtain baseline vitals
    2. Start transfusion slowly
    3. Stay with patient for 15 mins (in case of rxn)


  3. CryoprecipitateUsed for hemophilia, clotting disorders, liver failure


  4. Sepsis rxn-bacterial contamination of blood product
    -s&s: chills, high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, hypotention, shock


  5. PlateletsPacked red blood cells (most commonly used)
    - 80% of plasma removed
    -30 days half life
    -given if low h/h