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  1. Number of books in the Old Testament
  2. the masoretes knew that there were......
  3. The books were written over a period of...
  4. What are test for Canonicity -
  5. The Old looks ahead and the New Testament looks back to the pivot point of ALL history:
  1. a The death, burrial, and resurrection of the Messiah.
  2. b author, audience, teaching
  3. c 39
  4. d *400,945 letters in the Torah, the 1st five books of the OT
    *The middle word of the Torah is the hebrew word for "searchers" found in Leviticus 11:42
    *The Torah's middle letter is found in the hebrew word for belly in Leviticus 11:42
  5. e 1500 years

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  1. seeks to find the basic "plain sence" meaning of bible passages by applying standard rules of grammar and synax
  2. the science of interpreting the bible
  3. Developed a system for writing vowels
  4. The immediate, remote, & historical contexts
  5. Aramaic

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  1. The first five books are called what?written by a profit or other spriit-led person


  2. MasoraLaw - Historical - Poetical - Major Prophets - Minor Prophets


  3. Transmissionthe science of interpreting the bible


  4. The Samaritan Penateuch......*a collection of writings, in Aramaic texts, based on the old testament
    *arose in the early christion times when many Jews spoke Aramaic instead of Hebrew
    * includes much commentary and there fore not as reliable


  5. A redemptive history that lays the foundation upon which the New testament is built.27