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  1. the masoretes knew that there were......
  2. Plenary Verbal Inspiration Teory
  3. Test 2 for Canonicity
  4. What do we find In the 66 books of the Bible?
  5. The books were written over a period of...
  1. a we Discover our Past, Understand our Present and attain Hope for the Future.
  2. b Written to all generations
  3. c 1500 years
  4. d Pleanary - "Full" or complete; Verbal - the words of Scripture; God inspired the entire Bible
  5. e *400,945 letters in the Torah, the 1st five books of the OT
    *The middle word of the Torah is the hebrew word for "searchers" found in Leviticus 11:42
    *The Torah's middle letter is found in the hebrew word for belly in Leviticus 11:42

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  1. the conquest of the land, the period of the judges, the formation of ht eunited kingdon and the division of that kingdom into the North (Israel)
  2. Hebrew Language
  3. Trustworthy & authoritative
  4. author, audience, teaching
  5. Developed a system for writing vowels

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  1. PlenaryFull or complete


  2. The Aramaic Targums......*date back to before A.D. 1000
    *most scholars believe this is a reflection of an A.D. 100 text
    *is the most reliable text


  3. MasoretesThe Hebrew order of scribes


  4. Test 3 for CanonicityWritten in accord with previous revelation


  5. When you begin to read your Bible, what are you likely to find?one page to small books