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  1. Definition of Canon
  2. Englsh:
  3. The first five books are called what?
  4. Number of books in the Old Testament
  5. Hebrew and ___________ Book Order
  1. a Law - Historical - Poetical - Major Prophets - Minor Prophets
  2. b the pentateoch- in which Israel is chosen, redeemed, disciplined and instructed
  3. c 39
  4. d Hebrew - Ganen or Greek - Kanon; Reed or measuring stick
  5. e English

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  1. what was going on at the time the author wrote the specific passage- ex- the dividic Psalms
  2. The bible
  3. developed a system of accents for the hebrew texts
  4. Written to all generations
  5. we Discover our Past, Understand our Present and attain Hope for the Future.

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  1. The largest part of the Bible was written in this languageHebrew


  2. Masoretesa complex system of markings developed for the transmission of the OT


  3. The Old looks ahead and the New Testament looks back to the pivot point of ALL history:Isrial to the time of the "italian" prophet Malachi.


  4. What is the transmission in the original language?The immediate, remote, & historical contexts


  5. Canon Description of theBible:Hebrew - Ganen or Greek - Kanon; Reed or measuring stick