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  1. Number of books inthe Bible
  2. A redemptive history that lays the foundation upon which the New testament is built.
  3. Test 3 for Canonicity
  4. The last part of the Bible was written in.....
  5. remote context
  1. a The Old Testament.
  2. b Written in accord with previous revelation
  3. c the passage that is seen in context with surrounding chapters, themes in the entire bible, or books written by the same author
  4. d 66
  5. e Greek

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  1. 1500 years
  2. the original translations of the original languages, Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek
  3. 27
  4. developed a system of accents for the hebrew texts
  5. 39

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  1. The 17 books of history trace the history of...1500 years


  2. The hebrew word for scribe means....contains the Word of God


  3. Hebrew:Law - Prophets - Writings


  4. The Samaritan Penateuch......*a collection of writings, in Aramaic texts, based on the old testament
    *arose in the early christion times when many Jews spoke Aramaic instead of Hebrew
    * includes much commentary and there fore not as reliable


  5. Limited Inspiration TheoryGod inspired the thoughts ofthe human writers but not necessarily the words; Because they had this freedom there may be errors; Holy Spirit protected the doctrinaeworks of Scripture