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  1. Test 3 for Canonicity
  2. The remaining 12 books fo history record what?
  3. #3 forthe masora
  4. Immediate context
  5. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1Samuel, 2Samuel, 1Kings, 2Kings, 1Chronicles, 2Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, & Esther are....
  1. a The words or phrases that are closest to the passage in question
  2. b Written in accord with previous revelation
  3. c the conquest of the land, the period of the judges, the formation of ht eunited kingdon and the division of that kingdom into the North (Israel)
  4. d The 17 books of history.
  5. e developed a system of detailed notes on the text

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  1. a complex system of markings developed for the transmission of the OT
  2. The death, burrial, and resurrection of the Messiah.
  3. Pleanary - "Full" or complete; Verbal - the words of Scripture; God inspired the entire Bible
  4. we Discover our Past, Understand our Present and attain Hope for the Future.
  5. Written to all generations

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  1. ScribesMen who were entrusted with the transmission of the scriptures (they believed they were copying the word of God)


  2. Test 1 for CanonicityWritten in accord with previous revelation


  3. Canon Description of theBible:Collection of 66 books;


  4. Dictation theoryGod inspired the thoughts ofthe human writers but not necessarily the words; Because they had this freedom there may be errors; Holy Spirit protected the doctrinaeworks of Scripture


  5. The books of the Bible were written in how many languages?Hebrew