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Who became king after Elizabeth 1?
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Who was beheaded?Charles 1Time period with no monarchCommonwealth Periodcommonwealth meansrepresentative democracy (republic)Who was the leader during the commonwealth period and what did he inforce?Oliver Cromwell; strict moral standards (no drinking, gambling, or dancing)Who became King after the commonwealth period?Charles 2 (son of Charles 1)RestorationEvent in which the king is restored into powerBrother of Charles 2 and son of Charles 1James 2Why was James 2 disliked by many?He was Roman CatholicParliament asked _______ and ________ to become rulers of EnglandWilliam and Marry 2William & Mary 2 were ________. Mary 2 was the daughter of ________. They became ______ and James 2 ____.protestant James 2 rulers fledRevolution without bloodshedGlorious RevolutionGlorious Revolution showed that _____ was more powerful than _______Parliament King_________ was passed which increased Parliament's _____ & the rights of _______Bill of Rights power the peopleWhigswanted Parliament to have more powerTorieswanted monarch to have more powerEngland later became a limited _______ ________limited constitutional monarchyLimited Constitutional MonarchyMonarch's power was limited by ConstitutionBritish constitution is made ofmultiple documents, unlike the USToday, the real head of the British Government isthe Prime MinisterAmerican RevolutionEngland's 13 colonies in America began fighting for independenceScientific RevolutionNew ideas emerged in scienceCopernicusbelieved that the earth rotated around the sun, rather than the sun rotating around the earthGalileobelieved in Copernicus' teachings known for work with telescopesIsaac Newtonwrote about the law of gravity