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fōrma, fōrmae

form, shape, beauty

fortūna, fortūnae

fortune, luck

fāma, fāmae

report, rumor, reputation, fame

īra, īrae

ire, anger

patria, patriae

fatherland, native land, one's country

pecūnia, pecūniae


philosophia, philosophiae


poena, poenae

punishment, penalty

puella, puellae


sententia, sententiae

thought, feeling, opinion

vīta, vītae

life, mode of life

antīquus, antīqua, antīquam

ancient, old-time

magnus, magna, magnum

large, great, important

meus, mea, meum

my, mine

multus, multa, multum

much, many

tuus, tua, tuum

your, yours



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