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which of the male reproductive organs transports sperm and brings the sperm to maturity?
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which data collected by the nurse during the health history support the suspected diagnosis of ovarian cyst?painful intercoursethe nurse is assessing the knowledge of a patient newly diagnosed with endometriosis. which statement by the patient would the nurse need to follow up?my endometriosis will go away in a few yearswhich intervention should the nurse include in the plan of care for a patient who is diagnosed with PMS?monitor for contractions as bleeding is only concerning if she is contractinga defect in the ectoderm layer could cause issues with what organ of the body?eyesduring a prenatal visit, you are assessing a client for signs of pregnancy. as the nurse, you can hear fetal heart sounds and visualize the fetus via ultrasound. you explain to the patient these are all _____ signs of pregnancypositivehow many chromosomes does each sex cell contribute in gametogenesis?23human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is produced to support the development of the embryo and is an indicator for pregnancy. how long after conception is hCG detectable in urine?12-14 dayswhich part of the female reproductive system does the fertilized ovum implant?uteruswhich hormone is produced to support the developing embryo?human chorionic gonadotropinif fertilization does not occur, shedding of the uterine lining begins due to a decrease in which hormone?estrogen and progesteronethe nurse is caring for a young man with testicular cancer who is preparing for removal of the left testicle. the patient asks "does this mean I won't be able to father a child?" which is the nurse's best response?removal of one testicle will have no impact on your ability to father a child because the other testicle will functiona 17 year old girl comes to the clinic for a sports physical. which statement by the patient would cause the nurse to suspect she has secondary amenorrhea?I haven't had a period since I started running cross countrya patient reports to the emergency department 4 days after the onset of menstruation with influenza-like symptoms and a rash on her palms and feet. what diagnosis does the nurse suspect?toxic shock syndrome (TSS)which of the following is the correct pathway of blood from the mother to the fetus?mothers blood, placenta, umbilical vein, liver, heartwhich of the following is normal when assessing the newborn shortly after birth?the umbilical cord has two arteries and one veinall birth control methods have advantages and disadvantages. which of the following statements are correct?- oral contraceptives do not prevent STI's - the trans-dermal patch decreases breast tendernessthe newborn nursery admits a baby born with a congenital defect of the digestive tract and recognizes that this is due to an anomaly in which layer during cell differentiation?endodermthe nurse is assessing a newborn and notes that the infant has a small head, flat face, and narrow eye openings. what is a possible explanation for this finding?the mother consumed alcohol during pregnancya patient with dysfunctional uterine bleeding is asking about her plan of care. how should the nurse respond?if your test results are normal, the provider will likely prescribe hormone therapythe nurse is teaching a patient about barrier methods of contraception. which of the following should not be included in the discussion?IUDa man with low sperm count is undergoing testing for his condition. the nurse knows that his condition could be attributed to an issue with what gland?anterior pituitarya 38 year old female patient is considering an IUD for contraception. what should the nurse include in teaching about this approach to birth control?it requires a pelvic exam to insert and removewhich clinical manifestation should the nurse educate a perimenopausal woman to anticipate?night sweatsthe nurse admits a woman in the second trimester of pregnancy to the obstetric clinic for her regular examination. the patient asks the nurse if it is safe to take acetaminophen for minor pain during pregnancy. which is the nurse's best response?acetaminophen is a category A medication, so it is safe to take during pregnancythe testes are responsible for the production of which of the following?both sperm and testosteronethe nurse is educating a woman who is pregnant with twins about the differences between monozygotic and dizygotic twins. which statement should the nurse include in the teaching?in monozygotic twins, each embryo will have its own amniotic sac but will share a placentaa patient who recently delivered twins has learned that each baby has a different father. how does the nurse interpret this finding?the twins are dizygoticyou are performing an assessment on a pregnant woman. which of the following would be positive signs of pregnancy that you would document during your assessment? select all that apply- audible fetal heartbeat - fetal movement (felt by examiner) - visualization of fetus via ultrasounda patient reports thick, curd-like discharge and vaginal itching. the nurse expects which of the following prescriptions for the patient?fluconazole 150mg orally in a single dosewhich method of family planning requires the woman to track her menstrual periods and estimate the time of ovulation?periodic abstinencewhich nursing interventions should be included in the plan of care for a patient who is diagnosed with a pelvic floor disorder? select all that apply- teaching kegel exercises - encouraging an increase in water intake - providing educational materials for inserting a pessarythe nurse is providing teaching to a group of teen girls about menstrual cramp relief. what non-pharmacological suggestion should the nurse include?exercise regularlywhich of the following data collected during the assessment process causes the nurse to anticipate a diagnosis of endometriosis?low back pain during cyclesthe nurse is providing nutritional education to a client who is seeking information prior to conception. which item below should the nurse include in her education?all of the abovethe nurse performs a cervical examination on a woman in labor and recognizes that the elasticity of the cervix results from which characteristics of the anatomy? select all that apply- high fibrous content of the supportive tissue - large number of folds in the cervical lining - high collagenous content of the supportive tissuea pregnant woman lives in a community that is experiencing a measles outbreak because of a lack of immunization. the woman says she heard that measles is teratogenic and does not know what that means. which statement by the nurse best explains this concept?the measles virus acts as a harmful substance that could hurt the fetuswhich preventative health screenings should the nurse include in the plan of care for a woman who is 30 years of age? select all that apply- pap test - breast self-examination - blood pressure screeningthe measurement of a pregnant woman's abdomen reveals that her amniotic fluid may be low. the nurse knows that amniotic fluid serves what functions? select all that apply- protecting the fetus from bacteria from the vagina - preventing compression of the umbilical cord - cushioning of the fetus - providing fluid for the analysis of fetal health and maturitywhich clinical manifestations support the diagnosis of PMS and PMDD? select all that apply- irritability - dysmenorrhea - monthly weight gain - acne with menstruationa patient who was recently prescribed an oral contraceptive calls the nurse to ask for advice. she has forgotten to take her pill for the last 3 days and wants to know how long she and her partner should use a second form of protection. how should the nurse respond?a second form of protection is needed until your menstrual period begins and you start a new pill package