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for grade 7 CFL 4/CL0 students

*摄影师(no CFL4)

shè yǐng shī photographer


jiá tíng zhǔ fù housewife


gōng chéng shī engineer


zuò jiā writer

*教授(no CFL4)

jiào shòu professor


mì shū secretary


lǜ shī lawyer


fú wù yuán waiter waitress server


jiàn zhù shī architect


yī shēng doctor


jǐng chá police / policeman / policewoman

*银行家(no CFL4)

yín háng jiā


shāng rén businessman


shěn shěn :: father's younger brother's wife


jié hūn to marry / to get married


yé ye grandfather (father's side)


nǎi nai grandmother (father's-side)


wài gōng grandfather (mother's side)


wài pó grandmother (mother's-side)

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