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The volume of a regular cylinder is V =πr²h. Using the value 3.1416 for the constant π, the volume (cm³) of a cylinder of radius 2.34 cm and height 19.91 cm expressed to the correct number of significant figures is __________.


Which of the following is (are) the lowest temperature?


Which states of matter are significantly compressible?

gases only

Iron has a density of 7.9 g/cm³. What is the mass of a cube of iron with the length of one side equal to 55.0 mm?

1.3 x 10³ g

How many significant figures should be retained in the result of the following calculation?

12.00000 x 0.9893 + 13.00335 x 0.0107


Which one of the following is often easily separated into its components by simple techniques such as filtering or decanting?

heterogeneous mixture

__________is the chemical symbol for elemental sodium.


In which one of the following numbers are none of the zeros significant?


Which calculation clearly shows a conversion between temperatures in degrees Celsius, t(°C), and temperature in Kelvins, T(K)?

T(K) = t(°C) + 273.15

The law of constant composition applies to __________.


How many significant figures are in the measurement 5.34g?


The length of the side of a cube (in cm) having a volume of 44.4 L is __________.


An object will sink in a liquid if the density of the object is greater than that of the liquid. The mass of a sphere is 9.83 g. If the volume of this sphere is less than __________ cm³, then the sphere will sink in liquid mercury (density = 13.6 g/cm³).


The density of lead is 11.4 g/cm³. The mass of a lead ball with a radius of 0.50 mm is __________ g. (π = 3.1416; Vsphere = 4πr³/3)

6.0 x 10⁻³

The symbol for the element magnesium is __________.


The initial or tentative explanation of an observation is called a(n) __________.


The estimated costs for remodelling the interior of an apartment are: three 1-gallon cans of paint at $13.22 each , two paint brushes at $9.53 each , and $135 for a helper. The total estimated cost with the appropriate significant figures is $__________.


The symbol for the element phosphorus is __________.


There should be __________ significant figures in the answer to the following computation.
(10.07 + 7.395) / 2.5


Si is the symbol for the element __________.


One edge of a cube is measured and found to be 13 cm. The volume of the cube in m³ is __________.

2.2 x 10⁻³

Which one of the following is true about the liter?

It is equivalent to a cubic decimeter.

If matter is uniform throughout and cannot be separated into other substances by physical processes, but can be decomposed into other substances by chemical processes, it is called a (an)


For which of the following can the composition vary?

both homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures

The quantity __________ m is the same as 3 km.


Predict the empirical formula of the ionic compound that forms from magnesium and fluorine.


The formula for the compound formed between aluminum ions and phosphate ions is _________.


Which pair of elements would you expect to exhibit the greatest similarity in their physical and chemical properties?

Ca, Sr

The element __________ is the most similar to strontium in chemical and physical properties.


The mass number of an atom of 118Xe is __________.


What group in the periodic table would the fictitious element X (7 dots) be found?


Which formula/name pair is incorrect?

iron(III) sulfide

Oxygen forms an ion with a charge of __________.


Of the following, only __________ is not a metalloid.


Aluminum reacts with a certain nonmetallic element to form a compound with the general formula AlX. Element X is a diatomic gas at room temperature. Element X must be __________.


What is the molecular formula for n-hexanol?


Which metal does not form cations of differing charges?


__________are found uncombined, as monatomic species in nature.

Noble gases

Which species below is the nitride ion?


An atom of 15N contains __________ neutrons.


The correct name for MgF₂ is __________.

magnesium fluoride

Aluminum reacts with a certain nonmetallic element to form a compound with the general formula Al₂X₃. Element X must be from Group __________ of the Periodic Table of Elements.


The nucleus of an atom contains __________.

protons and neutrons

Predict the empirical formula of the ionic compound that forms from sodium and fluorine.


There are __________ electrons, __________ protons, and __________ neutrons in an atom of ¹³²Xe₅₄

54, 54, 78

Different isotopes of a particular element contain the same number of __________.


The average atomic weight of copper, which has two naturally occurring isotopes, is 63.5. One of the isotopes has an atomic weight of 62.9 amu and constitutes 69.1% of the copper isotopes. The other isotope has an abundance of 30.9%. The atomic weight (amu) of the second isotope is __________ amu.


Of the three types of radioactivity characterized by Rutherford, which is/are electrically charged?

A-rays and B-rays

In the periodic table, the elements are arranged in __________.

order of increasing atomic number

Which element in the halogen family is the most electronegative?


The mass % of H in methane (CH₄) is __________.


Pentacarbonyliron (Fe(CO)₅) reacts with phosphorous trifluoride (PF₃) and hydrogen, releasing carbon monoxide:

Fe(CO)₅ + PF₃ + H₂ → Fe(CO)₂(PF₃)₂(H)₂ + CO (not balanced)

The reaction of 5.0 mol of Fe(CO)₅, 8.0 mol of PF₃ and 6.0 mol of H₂ will release __________ mol of CO.


When the following equation is balanced, the coefficient of H₂ is __________.

CO (g) + H₂ (g) → H₂O (g) + CH₄ (g)


The mass % of C in methane (CH₄) is __________.


Sulfur and oxygen react to produce sulfur trioxide. In a particular experiment, 7.9 grams of SO₃ are produced by the reaction of 5.0 grams of O₂ with 6.0 grams of S. What is the % yield of SO₃
in this experiment?

S (s) + O₂ (g) → SO3 (g) (not balanced)


What is the maximum amount in grams of SO₃ that can be produced by the reaction of 1.0 g of S with 1.0 g of O₂ via the equation below?

S (s) + O₂ (g) → SO₃ (g) (not balanced)


Calculate the percentage by mass of hydrogen in PtCl₂(NH₃)₂.


When the following equation is balanced, the coefficient of nitric acid is __________.

N₂O₅ (g) + H₂O (l) → HNO₃ (aq)


The formula weight of potassium dichromate (K₂Cr₂O₇) is __________ amu.


How many grams of oxygen are in 65 g of C₂H₂O₂?


When the following equation is balanced, the coefficient of HCl is __________.

CaCO₃ (s) + HCl (aq) → CaCl₂ (aq) + CO₂ (g) + H₂O (l)


How many oxygen atoms are contained in 2.74 g of Al₂(SO₄)₃?

5.79 x 10²²

When the following equation is balanced, the coefficient of C₃H₈O₃ is __________.

C₃H₈O₃ (g) + O₂ (g) → CO₂ (g) + H₂O (g)


A nitrogen oxide is 63.65% by mass nitrogen. The molecular formula could be __________.


Lithium and nitrogen react in a combination reaction to produce lithium nitride:

6Li (s) + N₂ (g) → 2Li₃N (s)

In a particular experiment, 3.50-g samples of each reagent are reacted. The theoretical yield of lithium nitride is __________ g.


How many moles of carbon dioxide are there in 52.06 g of carbon dioxide?


Which one of the following substances is the product of this combination reaction?
Al (s) + I₂ (s) → __________


How many molecules of CH₄ are in 48.2 g of this compound?

1.81 x 10²⁴

Which hydrocarbon pair below have identical mass percentage of C?

C₂H₄ and C₃H₆

Calculate the percentage by mass of nitrogen in Pb(NO₃)₂.


Lithium and nitrogen react in a combination reaction to produce lithium nitride:

6Li (s) + N₂ (g) → 2Li₃N (s)

How many moles of lithium are needed to produce 0.60 mol of Li₃N when the reaction is carried out in the presence of excess nitrogen?


The formula weight of lead nitrate (Pb(NO₃)₂) is __________ amu.


Lead (II) carbonate decomposes to give lead (II) oxide and carbon dioxide:

PbCO₃ (s) → PbO (s) + CO₂ (g)

How many grams of lead (II) oxide will be produced by the decomposition of 2.50 g of lead (II) carbonate?


When the following equation is balanced, the coefficient of sulfur dioxide is __________.

PbS (s) + O₂ (g) → PbO (s) + SO₂ (g)


Calculate the percentage by mass of nitrogen in PtCl₂(NH₃)₂.


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