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  1. 끼적거리다
  2. 발병
  3. 급우
  4. 추궁하다
  5. 안건
  1. a classmate; 그의 친구들과 _________들 대부분이 백인이었다.
  2. b to interrogate;
  3. c to scribble, dash off;
  4. d an outbreak of disease;
  5. e an item on the agenda;

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  1. to assure, guarantee;
  2. to w/draw, remove, pull out;
  3. to settle, pay off, liquidate;
  4. to restore, revive;
  5. thumbprint, sign, impression;

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  1. 횡포하다to print no more copies of a book;


  2. 당당하다to be dignified, stately, splendid;


  3. 흔비백산하다to be desperate, urgent;


  4. 신춘문예annual spring literary contest;


  5. 생소하다to be unfamiliar, strange;