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  1. 세번화
  2. 절판하다
  3. 포부
  4. 들추어내다
  1. a sub-division, refinement; 쉼표는 문장을 _________는데 사용된다.
  2. b to print no more copies of a book;
  3. c 계획; 목적; 희망;
  4. d to find out, hunt out;
  5. e 재료; material;

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  1. baptism, christening;
  2. money and valuables; 건강은 _________보다 소중하다.
  3. to draw up a plan; 이건물은 _________는 데 3년이 걸렸다.
  4. to have the footsteps of attendees be rare, sparse;
  5. to be overbearing, oppressive;

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  1. 중흥하다to print no more copies of a book;


  2. 철수하다to w/draw, remove, pull out;


  3. 안건the next term;


  4. 야마카시to forestall a disaster;


  5. 공천을 받다to receive, inherit; 그녀는 어머니에게 된장을 담그는 법을 _________.


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