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  1. 숙련하다
  2. 장담하다
  3. 갈채
  4. 하수인
  5. 설이 돌다
  1. a to assure, guarantee;
  2. b 노예; 그는 정부의 _________에 불과했다.
  3. c cheers, acclamation;
  4. d 소문; 풍설;
  5. e to become skillful at, get skilled in;

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  1. courage, mettle, grit;
  2. to be too burdensome, heavy;
  3. a favor, obligation;
  4. compatibility; 이 제품은 모든 주변기기와 _________이 가능하다.
  5. to insist, persist, assert;

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  1. 곪다to fester, go pussy;


  2. 거하다to be desperate, urgent;


  3. 설계하다to accomplish a purpose, achieve;


  4. 발길이 뜸하다to become skillful at, get skilled in;


  5. 액땜하다to forestall a disaster;