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  1. 신세
  2. 신춘문예
  3. 성화
  4. 액땜하다
  5. 청산하다
  1. a a favor, obligation;
  2. b irritation, bother, torment;
  3. c to settle, pay off, liquidate;
  4. d to forestall a disaster;
  5. e annual spring literary contest;

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  1. nobility; 아직 많은 사람들이 골프를 _________적 취미라고 생각한다.
  2. to be overbearing, oppressive;
  3. hint, tip; 그녀는 내게 그 사실에 대해 _________조차 해주지 않았다.
  4. the end, the climax, the last moment;
  5. imitator, copycat;

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  1. 제보information, report;


  2. thumbprint, sign, impression;


  3. 안건an item on the agenda;


  4. 버금가다to insist, persist, assert;


  5. 세심하다to be careful, scrupulous, meticulous;