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Also known as potting soilLoamHolds a lot of water so water doesn't flow through it easilyclayWould clay support plant growth? Why?Particles are spread apartsandDoesn't hold water wellsandWhat plants grow best in sand? Why?Would loam support plant growth? Be able to explain why?>Carries away sediments & soil >Caused by wind, rain, and moving glaciersErosion>Splits or breaks down rocks in the environment >Caused by wind, ice, moving water, & plant rootsWeatheringwhat does erosion & weathering have in common?change how our Earth looksthe decayed remains of plants and animalsHumusthis type of soil has the smallest particles. It soaks up water too quickly.Claya mixture of sand, silt, clay, and humus. Many plants grow well in this soilLoama soft and smooth soil that can turn dry and dusty. It has smaller particlesSiltWhich type of soil has lots of humus in it and is great for planting:LoamWhich type of soil has the largest particles, so water runs too quickly through it?SandWhich type of soil has the smallest particles and is slippery when squeezed?ClayWhich type of soil has bigger particles than clay but smaller than sand. It can turn dusty?SiltThis type of soil would not be great for planting because water would run out of its particles too quickly?SandThe dropping of sediment by wind, water, ice, or gravity is calleddeposition.This material is in loam and contains decayed remains of plants and animals. It is dark in color.Humusis a force that makes soil and rocks move downhill.GravityThis type of soil has the smallest particles and absorbs water very fast. It is not the best type of soil for planting, but we have it in Georgia!ClayThis process is the movement of weathered rock material from one place to another.Erosionis a large mass of slow-moving ice that flows down a slope?A glacieris the slow breaking apart or wearing away of rock into smaller pieces.Weatheringis the best type of soil for planting because it contains a mixture of sand, silt, humus, and clay.Loamwhat does retain mean?how much the soil can hold water

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