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  1. tremulous
  2. ambiguous
  3. aura
  4. proliferate
  5. uncanny
  1. a v - to grow rapidly; to produce or to create in great number; to multiply
  2. b noun - a distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source; a luminous radiation
  3. c adjective - seeming to have a supernatural character or origin
  4. d adj - capable of being understood in two or more possible senses or ways
  5. e adj. - marked by trembling, quivering or shaking

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  1. adj. - providing pleasure and diversion from unpleasant realities
  2. noun - something given or demanded in repayment, especially punishment
  3. noun- something left over; a remainder
  4. noun- a projecting tuft of hair that will not lay flat
  5. v - to urge or to entreat persistently or repeatedly; to trouble with requests or demands

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  1. pugnaciousadj. - eager and ready to fight, belligerent


  2. piousadj - very plentiful; abundant


  3. flaccidadj. - undisturbed by tumult or disorder


  4. pensiveadj. - convincing, based on sound reasoning


  5. presentimentn - a foreboding; having the feeling that something, esp of an unfortunate or evil nature, is about to occur