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  1. process by which a single parent reproduces by itself
  2. process by which organisms maintain a relatively stable internal environment
  3. a signal to which an organism responds
  4. Trasmission Electron Microscope; used to study parts inside of a cell; only dead cells can be observed
  5. community of living things plus the nonliving features of the environment that support them
  6. forms an image of a specimen using a beam of electrons rather than light

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  1. SEMscanning electron microscope


  2. metric systemdecimal system of measurement based on certain physical standards and scaled on multiples of 10


  3. communitydifferent populations that live together in a defined area


  4. cellscanning electron microscope


  5. sexual reproductionprocess by which a single parent reproduces by itself


  6. evolutionthe process by which species gradually change over time