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  1. assassination
  2. Homer
  3. Athenian citizens during war
  4. Solon
  5. Iliad
  1. a author of Iliad
  2. b describes last days of Trojan War
  3. c led into walled city, killed by terre]ible plague
  4. d the murder of a leader, often over political reasons
  5. e wise leader who tried to balance power between rich and poor

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  1. highest point in city-state
  2. foundation for Athens
  3. student of Plato who tutored Alexander the Great
  4. Persian king who sent army to invade Greece
  5. Trojan Prince Paris kidnapped Helen

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  1. Athenagoddess of wisdom, Zeus's favorite child


  2. helotsruler of all gods


  3. Philip's songained throne in Macedonia


  4. hopilitesbelieved goodness is knowledge, convicted of corrupting youth


  5. Herodotusslaves of state in Sparta