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  1. Ptolemy I
  2. democracy
  3. Pericles
  4. 404 BC
  5. Spartan council of elders
  1. a persuaded Athenians to rebuild temples
  2. b Athens surrenders to Sparta
  3. c foundation for Athens
  4. d governed Egypt
  5. e 28 members who elected overseers

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  1. highest point in city-state
  2. Philip II defeated Greek city-states
  3. 1250 B.C.
  4. bulls, sporting activities, dolphins, animals
  5. infection or fever

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  1. assimilationhappened during the Hellenistic period


  2. reforms of Solonoutlawed slavery to pay debts, citizenship to foreigners, tried to stabilize government


  3. 30age Spartan boys left home for barracks


  4. most powerful city statesAthens and Sparta


  5. King Dariusa government in which only a few powerful people rule