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  1. cause of Alexander's death
  2. Philip's son
  3. most powerful city states
  4. rebuilding of temple on Acropolis
  5. Athenian citizens during war
  1. a Athens and Sparta
  2. b Alexander the Great
  3. c done with money from members of Delian League
  4. d infection or fever
  5. e led into walled city, killed by terre]ible plague

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  1. Athens surrenders to Sparta
  2. long narrative poem
  3. a government in which only a few powerful people rule
  4. founded school called Academy
  5. Plato, Socrates, Aristotle

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  1. King Dariuswrote the history of Persian Wars


  2. Sparta's governmentleft home at 7 to live in barracks and be trained to fight, underfed


  3. Pythagorascreated formula for expressing the relationship between sides of a triangle


  4. acropolismeans city state


  5. assimilationthe murder of a leader, often over political reasons