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  1. 3 great philosophers
  2. 7
  3. oligarchy
  4. Persians
  5. Philip's son
  1. a age Spartan boys left home for barracks
  2. b Alexander the Great
  3. c burned Athens to ground
  4. d Plato, Socrates, Aristotle
  5. e a government in which only a few powerful people rule

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  1. foundation for Athens
  2. lover of wisdom
  3. a government in which the upper class or a privileged few rule
  4. wrote the history of Persian Wars
  5. bulls, sporting activities, dolphins, animals

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  1. Western Civilizationthe murder of a leader, often over political reasons


  2. grains and olive oilPersian king who sent army to invade Greece


  3. 30age Spartan men left barracks


  4. Athens educationhappened during the Hellenistic period


  5. men over 30could vote in Sparta assembly