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  1. Western Civilization
  2. Ptolemy I
  3. grains and olive oil
  4. Homer
  5. cause of Alexander's death
  1. a author of Iliad
  2. b used to pay taxes
  3. c governed Egypt
  4. d infection or fever
  5. e started in Europe and spread to America

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  1. lover of wisdom
  2. surrounded by thick walls for defense
  3. Athens surrenders to Sparta
  4. city-states protected by citizen soldiers
  5. Athens farms and crops

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  1. Solonwise leader who tried to balance power between rich and poor


  2. Hellenistic PeriodGreeks, Egyptians, Persians, Indians, and others assimilated


  3. 7 wonders of the ancient world1250 B.C.


  4. Platofounded school called Academy


  5. Cleisthenesburned Athens to ground


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