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  1. Western Civilization
  2. tribute
  3. Knossos
  4. Pythagoras
  5. Herodotus
  1. a started in Europe and spread to America
  2. b wrote the history of Persian Wars
  3. c a payment given to a ruler or nation; may be paid in exchange for protection
  4. d located near island of Crete
  5. e created formula for expressing the relationship between sides of a triangle

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  1. gained throne in Macedonia
  2. grown by people of Greece
  3. traded by Greeks
  4. lover of wisdom
  5. age Spartan men left barracks

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  1. rebuilding of temple on Acropolisdone with money from members of Delian League


  2. Iliaddescribes last days of Trojan War


  3. oligarchya government in which only a few powerful people rule


  4. 3 great philosophersPlato, Socrates, Aristotle


  5. acropolishighest point in city-state