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  1. Ptolemy I
  2. polis
  3. Pythagoras
  4. tribute
  5. destroyed by Spartans in Peloponnesian War
  1. a created formula for expressing the relationship between sides of a triangle
  2. b governed Egypt
  3. c a payment given to a ruler or nation; may be paid in exchange for protection
  4. d Athens farms and crops
  5. e means city state

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  1. left home at 7 to live in barracks and be trained to fight, underfed
  2. located near island of Crete
  3. read, write, music, athletics
  4. believed goodness is knowledge, convicted of corrupting youth
  5. built palaces during Bronze Age

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  1. Spartan council of eldersPlato, Socrates, Aristotle


  2. monarchyauthor of Iliad


  3. Philip the 2ndgained throne in Macedonia


  4. Battle of ChaeroneaPhilip II defeated Greek city-states


  5. Hellenistic PeriodGreeks, Egyptians, Persians, Indians, and others assimilated