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7th Holt Life Science Chapter 18 Interaction of Living Things

abiotic factors

water, sunlight, temperature, soil and air. these are non living things

biotic factors

organisms depend on other organisms for food, shelter, protection, and reproduction. These are the living things.

all the mallard ducks living on a lake at the same time make up a ______________.


A population of squirrels and all the populations they interact with make up a _____________.


A coral reef is an example of an ____________.


Scientists call tropical rain forests and mountains ____________________.


Biomes, communities, and populations are part of the _________________.


The number of individual organisms that occupy a definite area is called population ______________.


If the amount of food in an area can support only a certain number of deer in a population, the amount of food is called a ____________________.

limiting factor

A relationship that benefits one organism without affecting the other is called ____________________.


A relationship that benefits both organisms is called ___________________.


The pond a frog lives in is called its ______________.



any close interaction between two or more different species


study of the enteractions among organisms and their environment


populations of different species that interact in some way'abiotic


all the members of one species that live in the same place at the same time

abiotic factors

factors that are the nonliving parts of the environment

food chain

way of showing how energy in the form of food passes from one organism to another


role of an organism in the ecosystem

biotic factors

factors that are the living parts of the environment


part of Earth that supports life


all communities in an area and the abiotic factors that affect them


where an organism lives

population density

number of individuals in a population that occupy a definite area

limiting factor'

factor that affects the number of individuals in a population

At each level of a food chain, organisms lose energy as _______.


Energy is renewed constantly by _____________.


The law of conservation of mass states that ______________ is never lost or gained.


Plants are ________________. they capture and use energy from the Sun and use it to produce carbohydrates


Animals are _____________. they obtain energy when they feed on producers or other animals.


Mushrooms are _____________; they obtain energy as they break down the remains of organisms.


This movement of energy through a community is known as a _______________.

food chain

When food chains comine with other food chains, they form a _______________.

food web


this includes Earth's crust, water on Earth's surface and atmosphere


a relationship in which one species benefits at the expense of another


role of an organism in an ecosystem

What has happened to energy in the environment?


The levels of organization from thelowest level to the highest:

1. organism 2. population 3. community 4.ecosystem 5. biome 6. biosphere

Groups of populations that interact with each other in a given area form a ______________.


The struggle among organisms to obtain resources for reproduction and survival is called __________________.


A symbiotic relationship that benefits both species is called


The physical location where an organism lives is its _____________.


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